No pixel, no problem! Server-to-server conversion tracking for SmartAds
by Christian Buckler · January 14, 2022

Marketers, we’ve heard your cry! Chartable now offers a pixel-less onboarding option for SmartAds, Chartable's podcast and streaming audio attribution product. This new option uses a server-to-server (or server-side) connection in lieu of a web pixel.

Why pixel-less?

While all marketers want to be nimble and data-driven, some podcast advertisers may have technical restrictions or company policies that prohibit placing additional web pixels on their website.

Using a server-to-server connection sidesteps this issue by allowing Chartable to directly receive conversion data from your existing, trusted infrastructure.

How does pixel-less attribution work?

Chartable’s pixel-less attribution methodology replaces the standard web pixel implementation with a direct server-to-server connection via LiveRamp—who we already work with as a device graph partner:

To onboard, the advertiser team connects Chartable to their LiveRamp account, designating the raw data for Chartable to attribute on. We’ll run the same attribution methodology we already use for our standard SmartAds attribution product, and provide the results back to you via CSV exports!

Chartable is SOC II Type 2 certified, CCPA/GDPR compliant and our numbers are IAB V2-certified.

Getting started with pixel-less attribution

Currently, pixel-less attribution is only available for existing LiveRamp measurement customers, but we’re looking forward to launching other server-to-server attribution sources, including integrating offline data inputs.

To get started, simply reach out to [email protected]!

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