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In the weeks since the Mueller report, nearly 80 House Democrats have called for impeaching the president. But with the 2020 campaign underway, the likelihood of such action appears to be fading. That may be exactly what some Democratic leaders want. Guests: Peter Baker, who covers the White...
How does a child simply disappear with his mother just metres away? 10 News First's Lia Harris and Natarsha Belling chronicle the hours leading up to the moment that has baffled the nation since that day nearly five years ago. For more information, go to our podcast page on 10 Daily...
For years Hamish McLaren had evaded the law. But not any more. The brutal truth, like a runaway out-of-control limited edition Mercedes McLaren, is bearing down on him. There's no escape. Judgement Day for Hamish McLaren, has finally arrived.
When rugby star Israel Folau posted the homophobic meme on his instagram account that would end his career, no one thought it would lead to thousands of people donating money to help him fight the decision and highlight the discussion about the fine line between religious freedom and hate...
It's been nearly 10 years since The Hills was on our TV screens but now it's back and so is the question everyone wanted to know about it - is it real or is it fake? Today we speak to a reality TV story producer who's taking us behind the scenes to find out what's real, how they get the...
A military crackdown in Sudan has left more than 100 pro-democracy protesters dead, just weeks after the military offered support in overthrowing the country’s dictator. Our colleague spoke with us from Sudan’s capital, Khartoum. Guest: Declan Walsh, the Cairo bureau chief for The New York Times....
RJ Mitte, who plays Walter White's son in Breaking Bad, joins us to talk disability visibility in Hollywood.
Tensions with Iran grow as the President threatens obliteration, the U.S. government is holding young children in inhumane detention facilities, and Trump is accused of rape. Then Change Research co-founder Pat Reilly and Jon, Jon, and Tommy break down the results of the very first poll in the...
Bruce Shapiro dissects the latest developments in the US. Sonia Purnell, former colleague and biographer of Boris Johnson, on the would-be PM of the UK. An historical 'autopsy' of how civilisations collapse.
Hamish arrived on the floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange in the late 90s - he talked big, but they all knew he traded small. They called him a One Lot Wonder. And they all wondered where he got his cash. There were cars and boats and trips in private jets and a girlfriend called The Pleasure...
Skiing was Hamish Watson's great love. Before he was a puffed-up futures trader in Sydney, he was a pumped-up muscle-bound ski instructor, in Australia and Canada. The ski fields of Canada were his home away from home, a place where he could show off the millions he'd stolen. He flew in on...
It may appear that Hamish got away with his schemes for decades. But he didn't. He kept getting caught out, time and again. It's self evident that many systems failed to apprehend this serial offender. How could this be so?
Do you ever wake up with crippling anxiety after a big night on the booze and wonder why?
As a bonus for all listeners, we are publishing the full interview with Jane, recorded in her house north of Sydney. She speaks at length about her experiences of Hamish, the impact it had on her life, and how she hopes to begin moving on.
He killed off his parents, by air and by sea. He ran over his twin brother Phil, and killed him too. What are we to make of these fanciful stories Hamish made up about his life? We've called in experts. And, we've gathered bevy of ex-girlfriends to give us their take on their time with Hamish.
In this new 10 Speaks podcast, 10 News First's Lia Harris presents the full story of the little boy in the Spiderman suit, who disappeared from the yard of his grandmother's home in 2014. Launches Monday June 24.
Hamish McLaren was always attracted to the high-life. It was inevitable he'd gravitate to fashion. And so, nestled among the retirees and energy healers Hamish stole from was another name: Lisa Ho. But had Hamish met his match in this high profile Sydney designer?
Tracy fell in love with Max Tavita, a man who won her over with tales of a life in the investment world and how he was working in the World Trade Center in New York when the first plane hit in 2001. Then Hamish crashed into their lives. Music credits for this episode: Meydan - L'Etoile danse pt...
As millions protest on the streets of Hong Kong, the democratic freedoms promised in the handover to China are being tested.
John Sanders resigns amid uproar over conditions for migrant children at detention centres; a politician in India has taken the unusual step of returning bribes he took from villagers, and breakdancing moves closer to 2024 Paris Olympic debut.
There's a lucrative online market where women sell their excess breast milk... but not for babies. There are grown men who believe that it has health benefits that range from building muscle to boosting your immune system and even curing disease but is there any science to backs this up? Today...
Hamish arrived in sleepy Blueys Beach with a beautiful woman on his arm, and on the run from his past. Rumours of dark deeds wafted through in his wake. Then he met Bec Rosen. He'd shower her with love.They'd be married on the balcony of a beach shack. He'd become a father figure to her boys. And...
The Trump administration has been debating a military strike against Iran as tensions with the country escalate. Here’s how we got to this point. Guest: Mark Landler, who covers the White House for The New York Times. For more information on today’s episode, visit
Iran condemns latest US sanctions saying Washington has closed the door on dialogue; Chinese citizens charged over building collapse in Cambodia that killed twenty-eight people; Washing powder advert promoting female empowerment provokes furious reaction from Pakistani religious conservatives.
Jane was destined for big things. She was the great hope of her local school. She was in love with Jack, her teenage sweetheart. Life was sweet. Then along came Hamish, promising an internship and a placement at Princeton. Two families would be devastated by the results. Music credits: Meydn -...
Rosie Batty talks to Martin McKenzie-Murray about grief and healing.
Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson makes his first appearance and Rory Stuart his last?
Scientists have detected a methane spike on Mars, which has raised their hopes of finding microbial life there. It's not a guarantee, but the statistical likelihood of life existing elsewhere in the galaxy is remarkably high. In which case, why does space seem so devoid of intelligent...
Laura Tingle looks at what's on the political agenda for the 46th Parliament and special guest Robyn Archer on cabaret, political satire and her long and successful career in the arts.
In a matter of minutes, the Squiz Today podcast will get you across the news headlines. Published each weekday at 6.00am, this short daily news podcast is designed to fit into your morning routine - perfect for the commute, the gym or over a morning coffee. Sign up to The Squiz Today email:...
Bernie proposes free college and Buttigieg steps into dicey racial territory. Date: 06-25-2019
Human rights chief says IS captives in Iraq and Syria must be tried or freed. Also: the medical glove that could speed up diagnosis, Mars methane spike and the women returning to their Boko Haram kidnappers.
The wellness industry is booming, and that includes crystals. But where exactly do they come from? Plenty of crystals are mined unethically, using child labour or damaging the environment, and it's hard to know which ones to trust. Today's episode traces the source of so-called healing crystals...
In a matter of minutes, the Squiz Today podcast will get you across the news headlines. Published each weekday at 6.00am, this short daily news podcast is designed to fit into your morning routine - perfect for the commute, the gym or over a morning coffee. Sign up to The Squiz Today email:...
This week Sally, Alison and Bryan learn that a new police detective is taking on the case. Sally reaches out to find solicitors, real estate agents and travel agents who may have met with Marion before she went overseas. We're also joined by Australian True Crime podcaster Meshel Laurie. For...
In 1997, Marion Barter boarded a plane for England for the trip of a lifetime. Instead, her loved ones never saw her again. What happened? Where is she? Marion’s daughter will never give up trying to find her.
It was a dream job for a passionate teacher at a prestigious Gold Coast school. But then, everything changed. What happened to make Marion suddenly want to get away?
A new podcast from the team that brought you The Teacher's Pet, coming soon.
Her life. Her loves. Would she leave it all behind?
Episode 4: Taken We reveal the startling new evidence that puts in doubt the assumptions of family and the police about why and how Marion vanished. We also examine the how the police investigation is at odds with Sally Leydon’s belief that her mother was taken – either by a person, a group or...
The I-5 Killer /// Part 1 /// 313 Part 1 of 2   At a time when random crime was at a new all time high, an evil man traveled hundreds of miles up and down the I-5 corridor. This man was a bandit, a rapist and a killer. The police were learning about the traveling...
The election was shaped by the character of two men. Its outcome shows us how the country reacts to insecurity, and what that means for change.
A call to Crime Stoppers and mysterious social media messages from faceless strangers. Does someone know the truth? Sally's ongoing battle with bureaucracy as she chases answers in her hunt for Marion. Most of the music for The Lady Vanishes was composed by Nicolas Gasparini at
We go back to Byron Bay. What is it about the seaside town and surrounding hinterland that lures so many? We speak to experts about the reasons people go missing and look into the attraction of cults. Most of the music for The Lady Vanishes was composed by Nicolas Gasparini at
The Friday shakeup with The Monthly's Richard Cook and comedian Steph Tisdale.
Disturbing allegations about what went on at Marion's last known place of employment. Most of the music for The Lady Vanishes was composed by Nicolas Gasparini at with additional tracks by Mattia Cupelli at and Jason Shaw at
Is President Trump’s change of heart on an Iran strike strategy? Plus, Trump changes his mind on ICE raids, and Democrats get even more radical. Date: 06-24-2019
They're carrying out their own investigations in an effort to find Marion. What our growing band of sleuths is finding out. Plus, Sally's nearest and dearest: the impact this search is having on them. Most of the music for The Lady Vanishes was composed by Nicolas Gasparini at...
The death toll from the September 11 attacks includes those who perished on the planes, in the World Trade Centre and around ground zero in 2001. It also includes thousands of first responders who are still, nearly 20 years later, battling a whole new attack, an assault on their bodies from the...
In an Australian first, highly trained Labradors are supporting vulnerable witnesses in Victorian criminal trials.
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