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In this episode of Sh**ged Married Annoyed, Chris & Rosie discuss arguing tactics, eating in bed, parenting styles and the woes of recycling. They also hear from a listener who wants to thank them for invigorating his sex life, who knew?
Elora Mukherjee is a prominent US immigration lawyer. Several weeks ago she visited the Clint border facility in Texas, which was holding hundreds of children who had tried to cross the border. What she saw was so shocking she has decided to speak out. And: Jennifer Silvers on how our experiences...
Max Rushden, Barry Glendenning, Lars Sivertsen and Tim Stillman discuss the USA’s World Cup final glory and White House hopes, England ‘nonsense’ loss against Sweden ( according to Phil Neville), and Lionel Messi’s claims of “corruption’ at the Copa América. And the pod is off on its...
"You heard ‘fire’. Then you heard a scream." The Apollo 1 tragedy and what happened 21 months later – Apollo’s first successful manned mission into Earth’s orbit. With Kevin Fong. Starring: George Abbey Walt Cunningham Glynn Lunney Gerry Griffin John Aaron Jerry Bostick Courtesy of the Johnson...
Conor McGregor will go down in history as one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all time. In this interview with Tony Robbins, he shares the bulletproof mindset that took him from being a plumber’s apprentice in Dublin to worldwide fame as the most “Notorious” fighter on the planet...
This week on the podcast Chris and Rosie discuss embarrassing parental behaviour, who would win in a fight and dubious Instagram behaviour. They also hear from comedian Daniel Sloss who wants to know if either have conceded an argument when they actually think they’re right
The best bloopers from the week gone by on talkSPORT. Featuring; Tony Cascarino getting personal about a potential Premier League returnee and Jim White's co-hosts getting very excited about conducting a cup draw live on the show! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
The longstanding campaigner for women's rights on why the next Labour leader and the next Commons Speaker must be women, her plans for a podcast, and why she now talks to Tories
Lilian's birthday does not go as planned and Eddie's latest scheme starts to bear fruit
In this week’s episode of Sh**ged Married Annoyed Chris has a near miss with a seagull and Rosie has some correspondence from The National Lottery. As well as all of this there’s questions about staying friends with exes, who apologises first and whether Chris could live with Rosie’s alter ego -...
This week, it's crunch time in Cambridge as LK is taking on Oxford in the Varsity Match, and we're learning what 'GDBO' stands for. Over in Nottingham, LG is agonising over how to reply to a specific text on an even more specific date. To get in touch with questions, comments, email us:...
Peter Crouch takes us behind the velvet rope and into the VIP booth as he reveals what it's really like to go out drinking with a professional footballer. There's tales of a young Crouch venturing on his first nights out and his best advice when it comes to sweet talking a doorman, dressed as a...
How do you make a huge shift in your life, especially one that may make you feel isolated or insecure? This week we’re talking about alcohol, the social constructs that exist around our drinking culture, the rise of sobriety and our fear of being seen as boring. Through the lens of one woman’s...
This week Rosie and Chris recorded the podcast accompanied by some wine! They discuss airport etiquette, putting on dirty clothes after a shower, their worst argument and Rosie gives some advice involving Skittles and shares a hidden talent.
Peter Crouch takes us inside the dressing room for the most intense fifteen minutes of a match day. Chris and Tom discover the running battle between kitmen and linesmen, players' toilet etiquette at half time and also learn about the art of 'snapping it off'.
Adam talks with Welsh singer Charlotte Church about birthdays, smells, Charlotte's plans to help children build a democratic school, my complaints about having to upgrade apps, (even though 'The Adam Buxton app' might need upgrading soon, so I can f**k off), as well as Charlotte's megastardom...
War, riots, assassinations: “the year that shattered America”. And then Nasa took the biggest risk in its history. There was the Vietnam War and the murders of Martin Luther King and Robert F Kennedy but with Apollo 8, astronauts went further from Earth than anyone had gone before and changed the...
In the final episode of the series, Rose McGowan – actor, activist, author and model – orders her dream meal. And, when it comes to food, she has superpowers… Recorded and edited by Ben Williams for Plosive Productions. Artwork by Paul Gilbey (photography) and Amy Browne (illustrations) Rose...
Fi and Jane are joined by Newsnight's Kirsty Wark who describes filleting squirrels, making whisky and living with only one working nostril. Producer: JP Devlin
The US win the World Cup. Trump loses on the census. And Pelosi clashes with AOC and millennials. An ACTION PACKED show with Andy Richter, Rheeqrheeq Chainey, and Erin Ryan on the panel. Plus a rant by Ira Madison III. And Lovett harangues an actual seismologist (thank you, Men-Andrin Meier)...
On this week’s podcast Chris and Rosie discuss caravans, crisp packet colours and lying about sexual partners. They have a great question from Radio Royalty Sara Cox plus they answer the age old question – Ant OR Dec?
Chris and Rosie bring you this episode of Sh**ged Married Annoyed from a studio in London. They chat about the stages of being away from your kids, the great crisp debate and family peeing (is this a thing?). They also answer your questions which this week cover sex injuries, praise for chores...
Warning: This podcast contains strong opinions, rants, words and complete and utter honesty. You wanted more, you asked for it and we are giving it to you - it's Loose Lips: Extra Lippy! Each Thursday we’ll be bringing you that little bit extra lip - more rants, more advice and more...
Reaching speeds of 73km/h Dylan Groenewegen swept to victory to take his first stage of the 2019 Tour de France. Michael Woods, who is sitting pretty in the top 10, tells us what life is like as a debutant on tour, and Gareth receives some rather frank feedback.
Technology has reshaped our lives in amazing ways. But at what cost? This hour, TED speakers reveal how what we see, read, believe — even how we vote — can be manipulated by the technology we use. Guests include journalist Carole Cadwalladr, consumer advocate Finn Myrstad, writer and marketing...
The controversial theory linking Roe v. Wade to a massive crime drop is back in the spotlight as several states introduce abortion restrictions. Steve Levitt and John Donohue discuss their original research, the challenges to its legitimacy, and their updated analysis. Also: what this means for...
Bruce and Conrad peel back the layers leading into Full Loaded and discuss the business dealings surrounding the WWF during this time.
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Jon, Jon and Tommy sit down with World Cup champion Megan Rapinoe for a special bonus episode. They chat about her team’s triumph, her beef with Donald Trump, and how she’s using her platform to fight for pay equity and LGBT rights.
‘Twas the week of Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’ sofa row, the ‘tube pusher’ is charged with attempted murder and the president of Colombia warns against the hypocrisy of the “woke who do coke”. Dolly’s obsessed with Pink Gin Lady - her new summer meme - and Pandora’s perturbed by Charmin’s...
David and Jason talk about their trip to Vegas and how they won $40,000 for their friend Mariah. Plus, Jason's son plays a four hour jazz show, Corinna sleeps over David's house, and Jason's mom tells the guys the strangest places she's had sex.
Brené Brown is the author of five #1 New York Times bestseller books, her TED talk has over 40 million views, making it one of the most viewed ever and she has new special on Netflix called “The Call To Courage”. She is an expert researcher in vulnerability, courage and shame. It’s one of my...
The world's most fashionable accountant, disapproval-based herring migration, and the invention of veganism.
Without the astronaut who didn’t step on the moon, Apollo 11 wouldn’t have succeeded. As Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made their historic landing, Michael Collins was in lunar orbit, playing a crucial role on the mothership. This is his story, with Kevin Fong. Starring: Michael Collins Theme...
Peter, Chris and Tom discuss everything on tele; box-sets, pundits and when analysis goes wrong. Crouchy also reveals what happened on his punditry debut in India, his love for Match of the Day and his deep distrust of anything robotic.
In this week’s episode of Sh**ged Married Annoyed Chris and Rosie discuss friends with benefits, romance at work, who’s the best in a crisis and which out of the two of them would Vicky Pattison liked to take out on the lash.
This week Rosie and Chris drink wine again! They discuss their biggest beef with the general public, sleeping on the sofa, the worst house party Chris ever went to and an incident in the bathroom which led to the best thing Rosie has ever done.
In 1986 two nine year old girls were murdered in woods near Brighton. The crime became known as the Babes in the Woods murders. It took 32 years for the man who abducted, sexually assaulted and killed them to be found guilty. His name was Russell Bishop and he was known to the families of both...
The Affordable Care Act is in legal jeopardy, House Democrats argue over how to handle the latest Trump scandals, Tom Steyer runs for president, and our new PollerCoaster results show a 5-way tie for first. Then Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib joins to talk about Nancy Pelosi, impeachment, and the...
Jonathan Agnew speaks to England captain Eoin Morgan ahead of their World Cup semi-final against Australia at Edgbaston - we're also joined by former Australia captain Steve Waugh, who possibly isn't the type of man to walk around a ground barefoot. But the current captain has gone to see The...
Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. His new book “Mentors” is available now, and his podcast called “Under The Skin” is available on Luminary.
Be upstanding for the queen of cupcakes and all things baking, as Mary Berry talks to Fearne about the importance of food in making us happy, and which recipes remind her of family, friends and happy places.   Thanks to the sponsors of this episode, Sweaty Betty, who are offering 20% OFF their...
The last in the series of Where Do You Think They Were reveals a tale of a Squaddie on a mission; we help to choose the next Mayor of Muff and the names to go on more holiday T-shirts.
Episode #339 / 8Kays / Follow A&B on Spotify: Catch A&B on tour: Subscribe to ABGT on Apple Music and Spotify: Follow our ABGT playlist for show highlights each week:...
ATM reaches its most northern point yet on the map in part one of a Scandinavian special, as Norwegian champions Rosenborg get into the most intense part of their season.  Andy catches up with Adresseavisen sports editor Charlotte Sundberg to hear about the team trying to recover from a tough...
After a fantastic, outrageous, extraordinary conclusion to the 2019 Men’s Cricket World Cup, Jo Harman is joined by Phil Walker and Felix White to try and make some sense of it all.
The US Federal Trade Commission is said to have approved a penalty for Facebook over its handling of users personal data. President Trump's Labor Secretary resigns amid accusations he helped a billionaire sex offender secure a lenient sentence, and the trader in Togo who has an answer to the...
Peter tells us what it's like on your first day at training with Steven Gerrard at Liverpool. Following that nerve wracking experience, you'll discover why Crouchy is a soup connoisseur plus what goes on in the manager's office.
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