National Park Service
This collection discusses the geology of different national parks. Soil, stones, and rocks are emphasized.
This collection discusses animals ranging from banana slugs to grizzly bears. If you have an interest in a variety of animals, tune in to learn more.
This collection discusses how various Native American tribes have influenced different regions of North America. Native American tribe members also share their cultural heritage and love for the Earth.
This collection is dedicated to the history of the Revolutionary War. Native American, African American, and French perspectives are included along with discussion of the Muhlenberg Brigade cabins, George Washington, the commander-in-chief's guard, and Henry Knox.
A variety of safety tips are shared in this collection. Camping, hiking, bicycling, hydration, hygiene, accidents, adverse weather conditions, and travelling with children and pets are emphasized. The Preventive Search and Rescue program is also covered.
How is climate change affecting plants and animals? How is climate change affecting national parks? What are indicators of climate change and how are these indicators measured? Tune in to this collection for the answers to these questions and more.
This collection gives information for planning a trip to Yellowstone. A wide variety of topics are covered including notable sites, hiking, backpacking, lodging, travelling with kids and pets, fishing, boating, eating, and weather.
This series provides detailed guidance for planning a trip to Everglades National Park. Different sections of the park including the Ten Thousand Islands, Shark Valley, Flamingo, and Royal Palm are discussed by park rangers.
A variety of videos on Glacier National Park are included in this series. Topics such as bear safety, bear research, camping in the backcountry, glaciers, climate change, and the park’s geologic history are discussed.
Want to learn about the plants, animals, ecosystems, landscapes, and peoples of Canyonlands National Park? This series covers each of these areas in-depth.
Discussion of natural features including fog, tsunamis, geysers, snow, and frazil ice are included in this collection
Explore natural resource monitoring activities conducted by the Sonoran Desert Inventory & Monitoring Network and other associated National Park Service staff at NPS units in Arizona and New Mexico.
The series includes a variety of topics on Badlands National Park. Episodes include tips on spotting wildlife, entrance into the junior ranger program, and how the badlands formed over time.
Some of the most prominent waterfalls present in national parks are discussed in this collection, including Bird Woman Falls, the Weeping Wall, Yosemite Falls, and Horsetail Fall.
Take a gander at this short series of videos that show the perks of visiting Shenandoah National Park.
A variety of topics on Everglades National Park are included such as how and why controlled fires are set in the park, habitat restoration projects, invasive species, and the benefits the park provides to patrons, volunteers, and park employees.
Get acquainted with a number of national parks by tuning in to this collection of activity orientation videos.
A broad range of historical and cultural perspectives amongst a diversity of cultures is discussed in this collection.
This collection features a multitude of enthralling videos which display the beauty of Yosemite National Park while explaining numerous natural features such as waterfalls, trees, rainbows, stars, mountains, and more.
Milkweeds, silverswords, junipers, redwoods, black oaks, wildflowers, deathcap mushrooms, and other plants are discussed in this collection.
This collection discusses a few aspects of Yosemite National Park including soundscapes, scenery, and the effects of the park on children and families.
This series discusses various aspects of Redwood National and State Parks including park restoration, animal life, and plant life.
The Craters of the Moon National Park, one of the few national parks with volcanic features, possesses a unique Lava Flow Habitat. This series of podcasts touches on two of the species that dwell in this distinctive habitat, and describes how the park came to possess its unique geological features.
This series includes information on lava, volcanoes, endangered species, and invasive species at Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park.
This collection is a great resource for anyone planning a hike. Topics discussed are essential items to take on a hike, how to prepare for a hike, how to ensure proper hydration and nutrition during a hike, and what to do if an accident occurs.
This collection contains a variety of topics about Yosemite National Park including cultural history, conservation efforts, and even career opportunities.
An earnest narration detailing the history of the Elkhorn Ranch Site. The narrator outlines the history of the plot of land, and comments on the natural beauty and serenity of the location.
This is a series of videos about Rocky Mountain National Park. Staying safe in the park is emphasized. Air quality and big horn sheep are also discussed. The end of the series concludes with a celebration.
This collection provides a number of hiking tips along with discussion of several hiking trails that can be found in national parks.
Learn about the various facets of Grand Canyon National Park through watching this collection. Topics on art, celebrations, preservation, and much more are discussed. There are even a few humorous folk tales.
A diverse collection of videos, slide-shows, and podcasts outlining a multitude of topics that relate to the Grand Teton National Park
Our online roving ranger is always ready to provide you with the Yellowstone basics.
A set of informative, polished podcasts that relay important information about the Grand Teton National Park
The beauty, use, and danger of rivers and creeks in national parks are discussed in this collection.
This collection discusses the role of archaeology at Fort Vancouver, artifacts at Fort Vancouver, technology used in archaeological research, and Archaeology Month at Grand Canyon National Park.
A variety of aspects of volcanoes including lava tube formation, lava flows, deformation, formation, and destruction are discussed in this collection.
In this collection, moving personal stories are shared by students, park patrons, park employees, and artists-in-residence. A deep appreciation for national parks is the predominant motif of the podcast.
The series includes a variety of topics on Denali National Park. Episodes include stories, information on traditional practices, preserving wildlife and the environment, history, personal experiences from park patrons, safety information, and more.
National parks have a primary commitment to protect and preserve the environment. Tune in to learn more about initiatives that have been undertaken by the National Parks Service to ensure natural resource conservation.
This is a collection about science and technology innovations in the field of historic preservation.
Actions taken to conserve natural resources at national parks around the country are included in this collection. The actions are performed by a variety of groups, individuals, and tribes. Actions include removal of invasive species, revegetation, waterway cleanups, and much more.
This series contains great information for those who will be hiking the Grand Canyon. A variety of topics are discussed, including safety measures to take, camping suggestions, and how to preserve the canyon.
This collection includes camping tips as well as information on camping locations in three national parks.
Are you interested in destructive supervolcanoes and ferocious wildlife? If so, this collection is for you. The geological features of the park’s supervolcano are discussed along with wildlife including aquatic animals, bears, and wolves.
This collection of audio files discusses various stops along Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park.
This series includes information on the various sites that can be seen along Going-to-the-Sun Road of Glacier National Park. From glaciers to mountains to wildlife, Going-to-the-Sun Road has it all.
San Francisco Bay Area National Parks presents a collection on an array of environmentally-focused topics. Climate change and its affect on ecosystems and organisms is discussed frequently.
If you are looking for a great spot to explore the beauty of nature, then this collection is for you. A number of locations in national parks around the country are discussed.
Interested in stars, planets, and galaxies? If so, tune in to this collection which discusses the rarely-witnessed pristine night skies at Yosemite and Grand Canyon National Parks.
Tune into this collection to find out how historical sites and artifacts are preserved. Technology preservation is discussed along with preservation projects and events hosted by the National Park Service. Information on specific historical sites are included as well.