Whitepaper: Effective Podcast Advertising
How to measure, verify, and optimize podcast ads for new and current podcast advertisers
Are you interested in advertising on podcasts, or optimizing the ads you’re already running? Read this whitepaper for details on why podcasts are an amazing opportunity, and how to take advantage of this fast-growing market.
In this free, 16-page PDF, you'll learn:
  • How podcasts are a fast-growing advertising opportunity
  • How to measure & verify podcast ad delivery
  • Attribution options for podcas advertising
  • How pixel-based ad attribution can help you measure and optimize your campaigns
  • How incremental lift can help you isolate the effect of a particular campaign and increase your ROAS
  • What stats to look for when running podcast ad attribution
  • Exclusive benchmarks for podcast ad campaigns
  • Podcast ad campaign optimization techniques
  • And more!
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