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Information om störningar i trafiken där du är. Ansvarig utgivare: Mårten Randberg
News, views and features on today's stories in Parliament
It was a real-life Wolf Creek. In 1978, three friends left Alice Springs on an adventure exploring the Australian outback. Weeks later, a man walking his dog stumbled across their bodies in a remote area of bushland in North Queensland. They’d been hunted down and shot, one of the victims dying...
America’s West is under assault - from Mother Nature. The number of large, destructive wildfires continues to climb. Unusual weather patterns are arising for the first time in decades. Shorter winters, shrinking snow pack and human water demand are leading to historically low reservoir...
Podcast of the National Rifle Association
Неофициальный аудиопоток интервью Вдудь (Юрий Дудь) со всеми выпусками шоу. Новые выпуски добавляются по мере их появления на YouTube канале. ---- Для прослушивания через Podcats Addict и других приложений, добавьте адрес потока в ваш подкаст клиент. Адрес...
Informative, jargon-free stories about law reform, legal education, test cases, miscarriages of justice and legal culture. The Law Report makes the law accessible.
Venghino 'siori venghino, il parco a tema Catteland è aperto! Resta aperto solo per un'ora al giorno, ma e' quanto basta per dare una svolta alla giornata. Tutti abbiamo una storia da raccontare... e a Catteland aspettiamo la tua! Con Alessadro Cattelan da lunedì a venerdì alle 12 e in podcast...
Covering the darker angles of Australia’s history. Murders, mysteries, the occult and other weird topics.
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I Denna Humoristiska Podcast Diskuterar Gustav och viktor allt mellan himmel och jord, gemensamt för varje avsnitt är att de sällan är överens.
Irish and global experts in conversation on a podcast from University College Cork
Manejo de temas de actualidad, con datos relevantes y de interés para la sociedad.
Deejay Training Center
La nuova trasmissione di Linus, con la partecipazione di Davide Cassani e Stefano Baldini. LO SPORT PER CHI LO FA entrerà ed uscirà in modo divertente dalla radio, ogni domenica dal 19 gennaio, su Radio Deejay naturalmente, grazie ad un programma inedito, di intrattenimento sportivo e non...
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Hosted by Dan Runde, William A. Schreyer Chair and Director, Project on Prosperity and Development, Building the Future explores topics at the intersection of global development, foreign policy, and national security. In each episode, Dan sits down for a discussion with a leading expert from...
Quite simply, whatever is on my mind at any given moment! Observational humor, news, politics, sports, sex, music, pop culture and sex are some of my favorite topics. Each show will be drastically different than the enjoy the ride! And yes, I am a conservative that loves Trump and...
Embracing Freedom. Pursuing Happiness.
Dal lunedi` al venerdi`, dalle 15.00 alle 18.00, gli scrittori italiani e stranieri, i dibattiti, i giochi, le interviste, la poesia.
RN Breakfast daily stories separated out for easy listening. RN Breakfast is the program informed Australians wake up to.
True crime news, as well as discussion of what's new in the world of true crime media, television, documentaries, podcasts, books, and more. Crimesphere features interviews with guests from from the true crime genre
Popular Twitch streamer turned voice actor - Ducksauce - makes his return to the airwaves in the form of a weekly podcast! Tune in for outrageous rants, fantastic tales, comedic skits, and all around roguery!
Tropical Pizza
Nikki al microfono, Dj Aladyn in regia e una selezione musicale eclettica con spirito rock'n'roll. In podcast il meglio del programma del pomeriggio di Radio Deejay: dalle interviste agli artisti alle telefonate dei tropicalisti.
Policy ideas and perspectives from Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy – one of the nation’s leading think tanks.
Perplex News Podcast is an investigative journalism podcast, narrating nonfiction stories over multiple episodes. This series was created and is produced to to shine light on the darker issues that go beyond the street .
REALITY CHECK LIVE with Cary Harrison was inspired by young Americans to champion Truth, Equality, and Sanity - uniquely timed for this moment. Using with roguish wit and clear facts, we're partnered with Public Radio, independent, campus, and mainstream stations to "Prevent Truth Decay” and just...
Magazine musicale dedicato al jazz, alla black music e alle altre musiche che si affacciano con sempre maggiore pertinenza nel panorama musicale e discografico.
I Den Røde Tråd kan du fremover komme i bramfrit selskab med SFs gruppeformand Jacob Mark og politisk ordfører Karsten Hønge, når de inviterer gæster i studiet for at diskutere rødgrøn politik. De to håber at blive udfordret af Danmarks mest idérige og indsigtsfulde mennesker, og DU kan også...
"Gombl8 - Quello che il governo vuole dirvi" è un podcast satirico-intelligente, che però non si applica.
LNL stories separated out for listening. From razor-sharp analysis of current events to the hottest debates in politics, science, philosophy and culture, Late Night Live puts you firmly in the big picture.
BirGün Medya yayınlarını artık podcast olarak dinleyebilirsiniz.
The Alchemy of Perception
"Selobant" podcast serisi, iz bırakacak röportaj ve konukların peşinde ! Soramayacağım soru,konuk edemeyeceğim hiçbir isim yok!
helping believers understand the chaos of the world around us
Discussions on literature, philosophy, and metapolitics, from the time between orders.
Podcast by NI Politics
Let’s talk movies.
This podcast is NOT dedicated to pleasing others. Why? Because it seriously confuses our sense of purpose in life. There is a voice inside each of us. So, let it out! C'mon, let's crush the norm, let's VERBAL SMASH!
RN Drive takes you behind the day’s headlines, with an engaging mix of current affairs, analysis, arts and culture from across Australia and around the world.
Former Under Secretary of Homeland Security and FEMA Director Michael Brown uses his sarcastic humor to point out the dumbassery of politics and culture today. He calls it "More Irreverent Talk Radio" because after 6 years in the swamp that's Washington, DC, he knows more about how politics and...
adjective UK/ˈfæd.ɪʃ/ ​fashionable but not likely to stay fashionable for a long time: Hi, we're Charli and Sarah, two journalists working in the heart of a major news organisation in London. We're clueless, but clued up. Join us as we dissect what's trending and navigate the news agenda. We'll...
Qomune est le podcast qui cause à tous d’engagement et de bénévolat à travers l’histoire de ceux qui militent, s’impliquent, se mobilisent.
di Cristina Giudici Un racconto dei fenomeni migratori lontano dalla dicotomia che vede nell’immigrato o una minaccia, o una risorsa. Le storie emblematiche dei nuovi italiani: rappresentanti di quelle seconde generazioni talvolta in lotta per il riconoscimento del proprio ruolo all’interno...
Deejay 6 Tu
Andrea e Michele con il mondo dei Guerrieri, le telefonate di Non solo belle, gli interventi di Alta Infedeltà ti aspettano in podcast.
Be the Change You Wish to See in the World