Whistle Through The Shamrocks: Episode 6
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Episode 6: “All you need is love and potatoes” With Eloisa Louisa’s fate revealed, the O’Flanerhyn family are left bereft. With eviction moments away, the future looks uncertain - will Tiny Nelly be lost to consumption? Can the family find another place to live and chip? And did Camilla ever make that easyJet flight? A comedy written and created by Nicola Coughlan and Camilla Whitehill Editors - Alexis Adimora and Diggory Waite Producer - Chris Jones Executive Producer - Claire Broughton The Finale Song - composed by Susannah Pearse and music arrangement by Tim Sutton Ep 6 Cast: David Ames Jamie Beamish Stephanie Beatriz Jordan Brookes Cat Cohen Nicola Coughlan Ed Gamble Louisa Harland Paul Mallon Ben Miller Brenock O'Connor Kiell Smith-Bynoe Jonathan Van Ness Amalia Vitale Camilla Whitehill Susan Wokoma A Hat Trick Podcast 2021   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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