How to stop being nice (and why)
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Leah really doesn't like it when people call her "nice." She and Ofosu unpack the hidden cost of being agreeable and discuss ways to support their mental health with more honesty and authenticity. And, as you may know, Leah and Ofosu are also the meditation coaches on Balance, a top-rated meditation and sleep app. In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, the Balance team is giving away two lifetime memberships to the award-winning app. Follow @balance on Instagram for more details, which will be posted on Tuesday, May 3.
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Published 07/04/22
Ofosu and Leah talk with award-winning medical reporter Sophie Scott about how her experience with burnout led to a habit of daily meditation. She shares the science behind forming healthy habits, like why consistency is more effective than intensity, and how to use habit-forming strategies like...
Published 07/04/22
Many of us deflect, dismiss, or downplay the compliments we receive, instead of simply accepting the praise. Ofosu and Leah discuss the psychology behind this and share strategies to build our self-esteem. So the next time someone sends kind words our way, we can say thank you, period—and mean it.
Published 06/27/22