Daytona Tortugas GM Jim Jaworski talks Baseball and working with the Daytona International Speedway : Episode 55
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Scott and GM Jim Jaworski talk about the challenges of keeping Baseball in Daytona Beach and their working relationship with the Daytona International Speedway.
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Scott, Rick Curti, Eric Katz, and Lou Landers talk about complete games, no-hitters, and much more.
Published 05/25/22
Published 05/25/22
Is there such a thing in Pro Baseball as running up the score? Scott, Rick Curti and Lou Landers address this question. #HunterGreene #NoHitter #RedSox #XanderBogaerts #MookieBetts #RunningUpTheScore #MLBTalk #SouthFloridaTribune
Published 05/18/22