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Loyal Bus trip Loyal vs Orange County No attack No Guido Progress Loyal vs Los Dos Didn’t look too good in first half Guido is a game changer Guido + Berry connection something to look forward to Tumi better than Ibarra Ticket Give Away Be at Barkada on Saturday Winner of most games will get a chance at winning tickets Euros Alv pinchi Erickson Italy opens up with 3-0 win Saturday Games Wales vs Switzerland Que pedo con Bale Juego aburrido Denmark vs Finland Erickson Belgium vs Russia Belgium looked solid Lukaku could be the best player of the tournament Sunday Games England vs Croatia England wins first Euro opener ever Sterling still the leader Kane? Nada Modric last couple of years Austria vs Macedonia Alaba assisted Macedonia won’t win shit Netherlands vs Ukraine Too close of a game Se confio Holanda No De Ligt Monday Scotland vs Czech Republic 2-0 Czech Republic Poland vs Slovakia Lewandoski can’t carry?? 2-1 win for Slovakia Hamsik assist Spain vs Sweden Spain missed so many chances 0-0 draw Expectations for Spain? Tuesday Hungary vs Portugal Portugal should dominate Ronaldo still got it? France vs Germany Should be the game of the first week France should win it Groups Copa America Sunday Brazil vs Venezuela Neymar the leader they need? Lots of players for Brazil that I didn’t know 3-0 Brazil Colombia vs Ecuador 1-0 Colombia No James Realistic expectations for Colombia Monday Argentina vs Chile Messi golazo 1-1 tie No Sanchez Paraguay vs Bolivia 3-1 Paraguay Last Paraguay player remember was Cabañas
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The chavos and the balls welcome Cesar Hernandez to discuss the impact of Xolos v loyal in the region, as well as everything seleccion mexicana and some Liga MX talk!
Published 07/23/21
TV traded by an offer that was too good to pass Xolos friendly People were missing Important game for the club and locals/chavos Masakre showed up  What a great atmosphere    Euros Italy vs England Its coming to Rome Coach’s decision to have 3 youngsters shoot pks Mancini an underrated...
Published 07/13/21