Need for Speed (2014)
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Gather round, children, for we have a story to tell about The Three Jesses... We're taking our first pit stop on #TheRoadToF9 with Need for Speed, which was selected for us by patron Nick Burris! Before we head west for the De Leon, Joey explains a complicated new way of watching movies, Alex writes in to tell us how he messed up, and we head back to Miami to maybe (?) find the "right" S+S Fabrics. Then, Bob Fischer (Joey's co-host on the upcoming podcast how to win the lottery) joins the show to talk about Need for Speed. After we find out which Fast and Furious character he is, we hit the gas pedal and start raising our wanted level. We discuss where this ranks all-time among video game adaptations, Bob makes an exciting offer, all the ways in which this movie IS and ISN'T very Fast and Furious, and why both of those things are good. Plus, there's lots of talk about Imogen Poots, including her unnecessary fridging, her stuntwork, and why she deserves her own spinoff (and should be added to the Fastiverse). Then, Bob puts together a reading list of car-based books! (2 Fast 2 Furious Minute begins around 27:35. Movie conversation begins around 37:15.) Email us: Visit our Patreon page at  Show your support at the 2 Fast 2 Forever shop! Extra special shout-out to Ben Milliman, Jake Freer, Alex Elonen, Nick Burris, Brian Rodriguez (High School Slumber Party), Hayley Gerbes, Christian Larson, and Justin Kleinman for joining at the “Interpol’s Most Wanted” level or above!  Intro music by Nico Vasilo. Interlude and outro music by Wes Hampton.
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