F9: Second Gear
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With F9 still in theaters, we're hitting second gear and bringing in our resident historian to talk about the movie once again! Before we do that, though, we do our usual top of the show stuff, including asking listeners not to murder people (and a spoiler-free mailbag) before welcoming Bilkins back into the fold in the 2 Fast 2 Furious Minute (22:30). Then, Mike Manzi (The Monsters That Made Us) stops by to share his thoughts on F9 (32:55). We hear his thoughts, his theories, and his favorite parts, and he sets up a wild possible future that we hadn't yet considered. Plus, Joey and Joe Two share their new takeaways, including an observation by Joey that is either the key to everything... or an absolutely meaningless coincidence. Email us: [email protected] Visit our Patreon page at patreon.com/2fast2forever.  Show your support at the 2 Fast 2 Forever shop! Extra special shout-out to Ben Milliman, Jake Freer, Alex Elonen, Nick Burris, Brian Rodriguez (High School Slumber Party), Hayley Gerbes, Christian Larson, Justin Kleinman, and Michael McGahon for joining at the “Interpol’s Most Wanted” level or above!  Intro music by Nico Vasilo. Interlude and outro music by Wes Hampton.
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