2 Old 4 TikTok 2gether 4eva: Song Trends, Clueless TikTok, Food Trends, and more!
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Dena and Melissa are finally reunited after over a year of the pandemic kept them apart. This episode was recorded together in Dena’s apartment. They talk about their weekend upstate, fear of ticks, and Tick Tok.  4:00 Song Trends: We begin with song trends from The Backyardigans. “Into the Thick of It!” has a dance trend, singalong trend, musical parody (by @rachel.ann.thomas), and lyrical parody (we feature a video from @rich_alfonso). Mark Mallman (@markmallman) explains why the song is so good. We also discuss other songs trending from  The Backyardigans on TikTok like Castaways and International Super Spy. 13:50 Clueless TikTok: Next, we talk about Clueless TikTok. Alicia Silverstone (@aliciasilverstone) recently joined TikTok and already has millions of views. We feature a video from David Busch (@david_b_Busch) where he explains he was the guy Alicia shoved in the famous scene.  18:40 Food Trends: This week’s food trends include watermelon with mustard and lettuce water. We learned about watermelon mustard from @lizzo who stitched @yayayayummy’s videos. We try it live on the pod. We mention a video from @thatnickguy_ trying lettuce water.  Check out all these videos and more on our blog (2old4tiktok.com), Instagram (@2old4tiktokpod), and TikTok (@2old4tiktok_podcast).  
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