The Sword of Damascus, cutting covid isolation
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We look at the science behind cutting covid isolation to 5 days Vets declare the largest ever outbreak of bird flu across Europe, but why now and how should we respond… We’re looking into the microscopic world of nanotechnology: the science of the very small, including the incredible story of the sword of Damascus; it turns out that the blacksmiths of centuries ago knew a thing or two about carbon nanotubes and how to make metal incredibly tough.
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We get an update from the surgeon who performed the world’s first transplant of a pig heart into a human. We look at FIFA and EA Sports. Plus we look at the science of advertising.
Published 05/15/22
Published 05/08/22
This week's guests talk about the Raspberry Pi at ten, studying the Universe's first stars, and look who's in Brian May's office these days! Get the podcast from the BBC Sounds app.
Published 05/08/22