Where Is Baby Tegan?
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It's a simple question with a diabolically difficult answer. Is Tegan Lane dead or alive? She was last seen as a two-day-old being carried out of a Sydney hospital by her mother Keli, an aspiring Australian Olympian. That was in 1996, but the mystery of what happened to baby Tegan after that has never been explained. In 2010 Keli was found guilty of murdering her then two-day old daughter, even though her body has never been found. In 2016, six years later, in a last desperate bid to prove she is innocent, Keli’s parents Sandra and Robert, broke their 20-year silence and spoke to 60 Minutes. In this episode Allison Langdon discusses the mystifying case that gripped the nation. The original 60 Minutes story: Where Is Baby Tegan? (2016), was reported by Ally Langdon and produced by Rebecca LeTourneau Podcast narrator: Peter Overton Podcast reporter: Allison Langdon Podcast producers: David Hardaker, Liz Little, Helen Lunn and Toula Udowenko Sound Engineering and Design: Joe Lee Executive Producer: Kirsty Thomson
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