Episode 187: It's SSTTIINNGG! - NITRO WATCH ALONG 10.21.96
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On this episode of 83 Weeks, Eric and Paul watch back the October 21, 1996 edition of WCW Monday Nitro from the Mankato Civic Center in Mankato, MN! In it, we'd see Sting return wearing Black and White face paint, and speaking for the last time until after Starrcade 1997. Also, the guys discuss Syxx’s camcorder gimmick, Dean Malenko wearing Rey Misterio Jr's mask, Nick Patrick, Bret Hart announcing he is staying with WWF on the other channel, Gene Okerlund's contract negotiations, and much more! GEICO - Do you own or rent your home? Sure you do! And it’s hard work. But you know what’s easy? Bundling with GEICO. Go to GEICO.com, get a quote, and see how much YOU could save. It’s GEICO-easy!  VEGASWINNERS.COM - Just be among the first 1,000 right now at VegasWinners.com for your $1,000 of FREE pointspread picks. VegasWINNERS is completely private, no one to EVER speak to. Be one of the first 1,000 to log on right now…and get your $1000 of FREE pointspread picks and apply them to my world-famous football Game of the Year.  LUCY - LUCY Nicotine is a company founded by former smokers looking for a better and cleaner nicotine alternative. Finally, tobacco alternatives that don’t suck. Try LUCY today and get 20% your order! Go to WWW.LUCY.CO and use promo code: 83WEEKS SOLID GOLD - Solid Gold foods are different because they cleanse the digestive system supporting gut health and nourishing your pet, inside & out. And right now, Solid Gold is offering you 30% off your first order by visiting solidgoldpet.com/83WEEKS FEALS - Feals is a better way to feel better. Our premium CBD will keep your head clear and help you feel your best. CBD has been proven to greatly reduce anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness. Shipped direct to your doorstep in only a few days, Feals is the new natural, healthy, better way to feel better. Become a member today by going to Feals.com/83WEEKS and you'll get 50% off your first order with free shipping. Let us help you save some money and get out of debt today over at www.SaveWithConrad.com Did you know you could be enjoying 83 Weeks days, even a week in advance on ADFreeShows.com? Join ADFreeShows.com for as low as $9 a month or choose a higher tier for more access to your favorite podcasts! You can enjoy this episode and other clips of 83 Weeks everyday on YouTube! Subscribe and turn on your notifications at www.83WeeksOnYouTube.com If you want the world to hear about the exciting things your doing in your business then you need to advertise on 83 Weeks! We can help make a difference in your company today over at www.AdvertiseWithConrad.com We are always coming up with new hilarious t-shirt designs over at www.EricBischoff.com head over there now and check them out!
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