9sense - 21 February, LI A.S.
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9sense - 21 February, LI A.S. - Satanism & Star Wars III - We discuss the light side and dark side of the force as it may or may not relate to Satanic themes or personal experience. - Website: http://9sense.reverendcampbell.com
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9sense - NOTE: This is a redo of the original episode that was plagued by audio issues, so as to make watching it impossible. Satanism & Star Wars Episode V - Special Edition. Join your hosts Adam P Campbell, Dorian Grey and Cameron John live in the last 9sense episode ever as they discuss...
Published 12/19/16
9sense - 14 August, LI A.S. - Satanism & Star Wars IV - Your sexy-Satanic hosts return in the next to last 9sense- Star Wars installment, LIVE! We will be discussing the iconic characters of the Star Wars Universe and their Satanic Expressions. - Website: http://9sense.reverendcampbell.com
Published 08/14/16
9sense - 03 January, LI A.S. - 9sense Letter to the Audience - Website: http://9sense.reverendcampbell.com
Published 01/03/16