Picnics w/ What Willy Cook
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We’re back, baby. Season 2 of The Official Mob Podcast is kicking off with a belter of an episode all about picnics. Sophie was joined on the mic by her old chum What Willy Cook and Mob senior food producer Ben Lippett. Come and take a seat on the TOMP picnic blanket and fill your ears with some extremely lovely chat. We’ve brought quiche.
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Sophie invited food producer Ben Lippett and Mob's graphic designer George Exon on to the podcast to talk all things Regional Foods. Expect chat about cobs, jellied eels, Cornish pasties and more. This ones a good'un.
Published 11/25/22
This week we revisit some our favourite guests ultimate dinner party set-ups, expect to hear from What Willy Cook, Mam Sham, El Silcock and Big Zuu.
Published 11/17/22
Published 11/17/22