The Beautiful Game
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In the week 12 clubs tried to ruin it, Cardiff City legend Nathan Blake and Dan Tyte discuss how Cardiff City can play it, along with how the other toxic issues that blight the game can be tackled, alongside the usual Bluebirds news and nostalgia. With club owners hogging the headlines, Blakes talks about larger than life Cardiff City owner Rick Wright, Dan sharing his memories of his Junior Bluebird scheme. This week’s Top 5s are pure money. Check out the A Bit of Swazz playlist on Spotify here: Subscribe, like, give a 5 star review and share, so more City fans find out about the pod. A Jams and Mr B production. Follow A Bit of Swazz on the socials. @SwazzPod See for privacy and opt-out information.
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And so are Swazz hosts Bluebirds’ legend Nathan Blake and Dan Tyte. After a summer break spent at the Euros (Nathan) and with a newborn (Dan), the boys are back to dive deep on all things Cardiff City ahead of the 2021/22 season. Pre-season. Transfers. Players to watch. Predictions. And with fans...
Published 08/05/21
Robert Earnshaw. Cardiff City’s third highest scorer of all time. Wales’ seventh. Somersaults. Hat-tricks. Happiness. The Zambian Prince joins Swazz’s own Bluebirds’ legend Nathan Blake and Dan Tyte to talk his time(s) with Cardiff City and reflect on the rest of his career and his steps into...
Published 05/14/21
When Scott Young pounced to score one of the most famous goals in Cardiff City history, Michael Duberry is right behind him. The former Leeds defender gives Bluebirds legend Nathan Blake and Dan Tyte the story from the other side, his take on what Ninian Park was like as an opposition player on...
Published 05/04/21