Crash Landing on You and the unbearable sadness of partition
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We finally talk about why Crash Landing on You is SO GOOD. And we discuss Anisa's master's thesis on media portrayals of love across the borders created by partition - and why CLOY's depiction of that yearning is the best we've ever seen. Tell us your thoughts in a voice note here: LINKS: Anisa's thesis, Visualizing the Fractured Nation: Narratives of (Un)belonging in 21st Century Indian and South Korean Media Interview with Park Ji-eun’s co-writer Kwak Moon-wan, a North Korean defector, plus answers to more fan questions Reunions of separated North and South Korean families Listen to the Empire podcast's excellent episode on the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Watch the video that made Anisa ship Binnie & Jinnie back in 2020, before we knew they were real TIMESTAMPS: 00:01:00 Why CLOY is one of a kind 00:28:00 Villain Oh Man-seok vs. Big Bad North Korea 00:38:00 Comparing The King: 2 Hearts and Crash Landing on You 01:02:00 How CLOY tackles the impossibility of a happy ending 01:10:00 Saya and Paroma share their favorite parts of Anisa's thesis 01:21:00 Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin's IRL happy ending ❤︎ MORE EPISODES YOU'LL LIKE: Episode 137: We discuss the previous generation's gateway drama, Boys Over Flowers in its many iterations Episode 145: Our Spoiled Yak on The Interest of Love NEWSLETTER: Join our email list for the monthly newsletter with podcast announcements and special episodes! PATRONS: SPECIAL THANK YOU to our beloved patrons for another year of helping us light the lanterns to sail our ship! Join our Patreon here! ❤︎ You can also support us by leaving a review on your podcast app, or sharing the episode with friends! ❤︎ SOCIAL: Follow us on Twitter @dramasoverflow and Instagram @dramasoverflowers_. Email us at [email protected]. CREDITS: This episode was edited by Anisa. Dramas Over Flowers is part of the Frolic Podcast Network.
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