The war on this season, a few updates and two songs from The Fump.
Published 12/24/11
The abuse of civil asset forfeiture.
Published 04/10/11
Goodbye my old friend.
Published 01/31/11
Traditional media commenting on how amateurs commentators need to be controlled and Andrew Keen commenting on how user generated free content is assaulting our economy, culture and values.
Published 10/07/10
The new SyFy show "Mary Knows Best" and the followers of woo.
Published 07/15/10
Are you evil because you don't care about something others demand you should?
Published 06/19/10
How Republicans and Democrats both ignore and abuse science and how scientists blindly and irrationally supported the activist James Hansen of NASA.
Published 03/27/10
How the Christian Bible defines marriage and why Christians do not support it.
Published 02/17/10
Answers to questions about atheism sent to me and a few additional comments. Website mention - Godlessons.
Published 01/18/10
The idea and perhaps plans for population control finds a new home.
Published 12/21/09
A summary of what the season means to me, some comments about those who simply don't get it and the reply of a user requested Christmas song.
Published 12/21/09
A new disease caused by Wind Turbine Farms; Wind Turbine Syndrome.
Published 12/07/09
Why an atheist like me belongs to an organization like the BSA.
Published 11/16/09
Comments on the cognitive dissidence and hypocrisy of the climate change ideology.
Published 03/03/09
A list of common claims from the supporters of alternative medicine and related snake oil and a way to rate them.
Published 12/22/08
A thank you to listeners, my view of and celebration of Christmas and a holiday parody song.
Published 12/22/08
How religion won big in the 2008 elections.
Published 11/22/08
Expelled, Ben Stein's hypocrisy and the new Intelligent Design and Creation Science push.
Published 10/28/08
The use of religion by and the deification of Obama and the irrational and stereotypical theistic reactions of his supporters.
Published 10/18/08
Getting the podcasts back up and running, a change to one podcast and the launch of a new one.
Published 10/18/08
The Negative Impact of the Americans With Disabilities Act
Published 04/09/08
The seeming conditioned hatred of Ron Paul by Republicans and Democrats.
Published 03/02/08
Podcast delays and a correction.
Published 01/23/08
A historical speech that I found interesting.
Published 01/19/08