#65 - Run Grateful with Mark White
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In this episode I speak with social entrepreneur Mark White who is leading the Run Grateful initiative to combine gratitude and movement. We dive into what has prompted him to create businesses and initiatives that have a social benefit.  Which were prompted by him facing challenges in early adulthood, from deep darkness, addiction, and hopelessness. “Back when I was 18, I had a choice to make. Backed into a corner, and after many negative consequences, I had a moment where I realised I had enough courage to see my reality with an honest feeling of admitting that I was lost, uninspired, with no hope and consumed with fear.  I had no direction, structure, or clear understanding of who I was, where I was going and how I was going to get there!” This conversation focuses on the One Grateful Mile event, where the participant dedicates one mile during their walk or run to something or someone they feel grateful for each day in December 2020. To get involved click the links below: @1gratefulrun @markwhite_0602 #OneGratefulMile #1gratefulrun If you value the content I deliver, please consider becoming a supporter of my podcast by donating via my patreon page. This helps me provide quality content. https://www.patreon.com/ARunnersLife --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/marcus-brown9/support
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