#107 - The Boston Marathon episode
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Episode 107, is a special Boston marathon episode in collaboration with The Big Run podcast. This special episode is a deep dive into the oldest marathon of the majors Boston, which first took place on Monday, April 19, 1897: The Boston Marathon was originally called the American Marathon and was the final event of the B.A.A. Games. We have two fascinating conversations for this episode with Dave McGillivray race director of The Boston Marathon. Dave who has looked after the race since 1988 and is an extraordinary athlete in his own right. He raced across America in 1978 in 80 days averaging 45 miles a day and to date has 160 marathons to his name a fair few of them done at Boston directly after he has finished being the race director! The conversation with Dave starts at 2:32. We then speak with an icon of female sport Kathrine Switzer and Rosy Spraker. Tuesday, April 19, 1966: Although not an official entrant, Roberta “Bobbi” Gibb became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. Joining the starting field shortly after the gun had been fired, Gibb finished the race in 3:21:40 to place 126th overall. Gibb again claimed the “unofficial” title in 1967 and 1968. Wednesday, April 19, 1967: By signing her entry form “K. V. Switzer,” Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to receive a number in the Boston Marathon. By her own estimate, Switzer finished in 4:20:00. B.A.A. officials tried unsuccessfully to physically remove Switzer from the race once she was identified as a woman entrant. At the time of Switzer’s run, the Amateur Athletics Union (A.A.U.) had yet to formally accept participation of women in long distance running. Rosy is a 14 time Boston finisher who is a member of her 261 fearless organisation. The conversation with Kathrine and Rosy starts at 01:16:47. (London Marathon - This is our London full film watch it here) https://youtu.be/jBbV-lP3KNQ ————————————————————— Thank you to my patreons your help pays for editing, equipment and much more. If you value the content I deliver, please consider becoming a supporter of my podcast by donating via my patreon page. This helps me provide quality content. https://www.patreon.com/ARunnersLife --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/marcus-brown9/support
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