Hellraiser (1987) w/ Doug Bradley
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To kick off the coverage of the first three HELLRAISER movies this September we welcome onto the show Pinhead himself, Mr. Doug Bradley. Is this the best moment that ever was & ever will be. Yeah, course it was.
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Special guest, Seth Haley aka COM TRUISE, Master of Mid-Fi Synthwave slow motion funk speaks with us today about the 2020 banger Possessor. Plus we get into his introduction to horror movies, his favourites & a ton of stuff about the Com Truise Project as well. It was a pleasure.
Published 12/11/23
It's time for one of those huge episodes. Well, it's a four parter anyways. 2014 was for me, a classic year for horror movies, Some would say that not enough time has elapsed to make this assessment, I say, balderdash! The highs are really high & the lows can be quite messy. But, what do I...
Published 12/04/23
Published 12/04/23