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We have a brand new podcast for you! Babbel Mixtapes offers guidance and support as you make your way through the landscape of Spanish music. In each episode, our host, Sebastian Escobar, introduces a new Latin song, breaks down key phrases and words and gives us the background information we need to unlock the meaning of the track. Listen to the Babbel Mixtapes Playlist here: Get in touch and share your feedback or suggestions: [email protected]
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For this episode we've tried something new! Try out our dynamic transcript here: Catriona is too busy packing for her trip to Madrid, so she and H├ęctor go through a quick grammar and vocabulary lesson to talk about your holiday plans. Help us to improve the...
Published 03/26/20
Catriona is looking forward to her holiday in Madrid to practice Spanish. Learn along with her to say what there is in the capital of Spain.
Published 03/09/20