Published 01/15/22
Andrew and Bailey discuss the personality attributes of their former professor.
Published 01/15/22
Hypothetically, Andrew and Elias discuss how to train yourself and "personal growth".
Published 01/08/22
Andrew, Lauren and kinda Elias discuss their Hawaiian vacation, celebrity deaths and spoil the new Spider-Man movie.
Published 01/01/22
Andrew, Elias and Zac discuss putting your balls in first, airline tragedies and coney island (again),
Published 12/25/21
Andrew and Elias discuss weddings, fake I.Ds and bartenders.
Published 12/18/21
Andrew and Elias discuss Coney Island, parades and ghosts.
Published 12/11/21
Andrew, Elias, Jackson and Kayla discuss life in Hawaii, what hypothetically happens when a missile defense hub looses power and how to lose a game of PUBG.
Published 12/04/21
Andrew and Elias discus their weekend plans and buying guns.
Published 11/27/21
Andrew, Zac and Elias discuss Meta, Bagged Milk and Truckers.
Published 11/20/21
Andrew, Elias and Zac talk about burnt pizza.
Published 11/13/21
Andrew, Elias and Zac consider taking a trip to Texas.
Published 11/06/21
Andrew, Elias and Lauren discuss the intricacies of high school drama class and seeing spooky specters that only exist in their minds.
Published 10/30/21
Andrew, Elias and Zac discuss working at a paintball course, their high school days and Elias' workplace struggles.
Published 10/23/21
Andrew, Gage and Will discuss what movies they watched during the pandemic, Squid Game and the military.
Published 10/16/21
Andrew and Elias discuss how their childhood snacks will never taste the same and their strange dreams.
Published 09/25/21
Andrew and Elias discuss their troubled past, and plans for their next "potluck".
Published 09/18/21
Andrew and his friends from high school reminisce about their younger days, and set a world record while doing so.
Published 09/12/21
Andrew and Elias dredge up old text conversations and discuss old girlfriends.
Published 09/04/21
Andrew and Elias discuss their high school days. Elias shares a near death experience.
Published 08/28/21
Published 08/21/21
Andrew and Elias talk about, the mystery song of Old Chicago, how they held a country star captive in conversation and what they'd do if they ever met a famous person.
Published 08/14/21
Andrew and Elias discuss virtual reality, the Titanic and that time Andrew was soaked in his own Guinness by a stranger.
Published 08/07/21
Andrew and Mitchell discuss music production, cheap cars and whiskey.
Published 07/31/21
Andrew and Mitchell scour Quora.com to find weird and wacky questions, mostly about urine.
Published 07/24/21