Andrew and Mitchell discuss interactions with the less fortunate, delivering 150 pounds of cat food and the morality/legality of underage drinking.
Published 07/17/21
Andrew, Mitchell, Elias and Andrew's Dad discuss time in the navy, premature bowel evacuation and other subjects.
Published 07/11/21
Andrew, Mitchell and Elias all discus the peaks and pitfalls of various foods and aircraft.
Published 06/12/21
Andrew and Mitchell are joined by long-time friend Alejandro to discuss space travel, the armed forces and the libido of a young Andrew.
Published 06/05/21
Andrew and Mitchell discuss Amazon working conditions, what constitutes good album art and other questions of life.
Published 05/29/21
AAAA is back for a summer of films, food and fun.
Published 05/22/21
Alex and Andrew discuss gun shows, windy cities and tattoos.
Published 11/12/20
Alex and Andrew, also Mariah and Ethan discuss soda, corn mazes so big you could die and the unknown soldier.
Published 11/06/20
Alex and Andrew discuss haunted locker rooms, horror movies and graveyards.
Published 10/29/20
Alex, Andrew and Ethan discuss politics, Star Wars, and Instrumental Amputees.
Published 10/23/20
Alex and Andrew discuss working at a truck stop, urine lanterns, and nazi grandpas.
Published 10/15/20
Alex and Andrew discuss scientology, salisbury steak and oatmeal.
Published 10/08/20
Alex and Andrew run the gamut, from giant tapeworms to urine tests to the Book of Eli. Listeners will be in for an eclectic and chaotic listening experience.
Published 10/01/20