Published 09/12/22
You know her from “The Apprentice,” “Big Brother,” Trump’s White House, and more; and now she’s in the middle of law school just like you! Brand-new Law Student Podcast host DeMario Thornton chats with Omarosa about her unusual path to law school, her reality tv experiences, the confidence she feels as a non-traditional student with plenty of life experience to draw from, and what she hopes to do with her law degree.  Omarosa Newman is a reality tv star, a communications professional, and a...
Published 09/12/22
Intellectual property law touches so many corners of law in general, and those interested in pursuing it may take any number of paths in legal practice. To explore the vast world of IP law, Meg Steenburgh welcomes Howard Leib to learn from his exciting career in IP and entertainment law. They dig into the nuances of trademarks, discuss a variety of newsworthy IP matters, and Howard shares insights on how to work toward your own IP law goals. Howard Leib is an entertainment and IP attorney, a...
Published 08/29/22
Arguably, a Supreme Court appointment is the greatest prize in American politics, perhaps more so than the presidency. In consequence, these positions lend themselves to manipulation and tactical moves where possible, in spite of past norms. ABA Law Student Podcast host Meg Steenburgh welcomes Professor Todd Berger to discuss the concept of court packing, its connotations and implications, and how it could actually bring balance to the Supreme Court. They also discuss the report generated by...
Published 07/27/22
Even though much has been said about the prematurely leaked draft decision of Dobbs, there’s a great deal to unpack now that the final opinion has been issued. Law Student Podcast host Meg Steenburgh welcomes back Syracuse University College of Law Vice Dean Keith Bybee to explore the reasoning of the opinion as well as the newly released concurring and dissenting opinions. Get a handle on this landmark decision that has raised many questions for law students and professors alike. Professor...
Published 06/30/22
In the wake of the Supreme Court draft leak, many are questioning what ramifications its language could have on a number of past court decisions, as well as Americans’ rights in a variety of other areas. Law Student Podcast host Meg Steenburgh gets perspective on these issues from Vice Dean Keith Bybee. They examine the interplay of courts, politics, and the media, and discuss our nation’s legal processes throughout history. Professor Keith Bybee is Vice Dean and Paul E. and Hon. Joanne F....
Published 05/30/22
Major General John Altenburg was instrumental in transforming the practice of law in the military through his leadership and immersive approaches for military lawyer training. Meg Steenburgh talks with General Altenburg about the legal infrastructure of the United States Military, his thoughts on the law of war and its implications in the Ukraine conflict, and what advice he has to offer for today’s law students.  Major General John D. Altenburg Jr. (USA, Retired) is Of Counsel at Greenberg...
Published 04/25/22
Information and disinformation campaigns are centuries old, but our social media era has given new and rapid thrust to the sharing of ideas, both for good and ill intent. Meg Steenburgh and Peter W. Singer discuss his book, LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media, which analyzes the poisonous effects of disinformation on politics, war, and social issues worldwide. They look at the role of governments, laws, and individuals; and our collective responsibility to support digital literacy and...
Published 03/28/22
In the conflict instigated by Russia in Ukraine, we have already seen numerous and outrageous Russian violations of the Laws of Armed Conflict, but what legal recourse is there against these acts? Meg Steenburgh of the ABA Law Student Podcast interviews Judge James E. Baker to learn about the interplay of law and war on the international stage. Judge Baker examines Russia’s actions to date and offers insights on how the U.S. and other international players can and/or should respond as they...
Published 03/08/22
Recent bar exam criticisms have left many in the legal sphere questioning whether the test really does what it claims. Is it still an essential step in legal licensure, or is it just a tired tradition? To help law students understand the many facets of this issue, Meg Steenburgh welcomes Josh Block and Adam Allington to discuss arguments for and against the bar exam that were recently aired in a three-part series from the UnCommon Law podcast.  Josh Block is the executive producer for video...
Published 01/24/22
Podcast host Meg Steenburgh welcomes recent grad Shannon Knapp and fellow law students Sarah Roberts and Tiffany Love to get their perspectives on law school, legal practice, and life! They each discuss their unique student and real-world experiences—sharing the paths they’ve chosen to pursue, tips for self-care and motivation, and what has helped them handle the rigors of law school and entrance into the profession. Shannon Knapp is a recent graduate of Syracuse University School of Law and...
Published 12/27/21
Meg Steenburgh of the ABA Law Student Podcast welcomes Adam Liptak to learn about his career as a legal journalist. Adam explains his typical work cycle as Supreme Court correspondent for The New York Times and offers insights on how a law degree translates into the world of journalism. They also discuss some of the Supreme Court’s upcoming cases and Adam shares his top advice for today’s law students.  Adam Liptak covers the Supreme Court for The New York Times.    Thank you to our sponsor NBI.
Published 11/22/21
Intellectual property is most often understood in terms of its economic value, but how do our current laws affect everyday creators and innovators? Meg Steenburgh welcomes Professor Jessica Silbey to discuss current issues in IP law and how the mindsets and expectations of younger generations seem to be at odds with the broad scope of many of these laws. They also discuss Professor Silbey’s expertise in film and its evolving uses as a legal tool. Professor Jessica Silbey is a Professor of Law...
Published 10/25/21
Meg Steenburgh welcomes Krystal Williams to discuss her unconventional path to law. After many years as a business professional, Krystal’s hunger for learning led her to shift her sights to law. She shares some of her experiences as an older student and discusses where her legal career has taken her in the years since law school.  Krystal Williams is founder of Providentia Group, chairman of the board of KinoTek Software, and founder of The Alpha Legal Foundation. Thank you to our sponsor NBI.
Published 09/29/21
In addition to her impressive legal experience in politics, military, private practice, journalism, and more, Jill Wine-Banks has also been a woman of many firsts throughout her legal career. Tune in with ABA Law Student Podcast host Meg Steenburgh for an in-depth interview with Jill about her many “first woman” roles, her memoir “The Watergate Girl,” and her advice for today’s law students.  Jill Wine-Banks is currently an MSNBC legal analyst, appearing regularly on the network’s primetime...
Published 08/23/21
From the FDA’s emergency use authorization of vaccines, to federalism concerns, to employee/employer relationships, to schools, and much more—legal issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic continue to crop up at a rapid pace. To help law students make sense of these evolving matters, Meg Steenburgh welcomes Harvard Law professor Glenn Cohen to share valuable insights on a wide variety of pandemic-era legal topics.  Professor Glenn Cohen is one of the world's leading experts on the intersection...
Published 08/10/21
Patrick Krill discusses legal field mental health issues and offers strategies for monitoring and improving personal wellness. Thank you to our sponsor NBI.
Published 06/21/21
Thankfully, career opportunities for law students and new lawyers seem to be increasing as COVID concerns abate. But, how can you best prepare yourself for actually getting the job you want? Meg Steenburgh welcomes Howard University School of Law’s Lauren Jackson to discuss tips and tactics for pursuing a fulfilling legal career. She emphasizes the importance of networking from day one of law school and advises students to keep an open mind about the opportunities that come their way. 
Published 06/02/21
National security expert and Syracuse University professor William Banks sheds light on how current events interact with our nation’s security and the law. Thank you to our sponsor NBI.
Published 04/20/21
Public Justice Center staff attorney John Pollock outlines current efforts to institute the right to counsel in civil matters.
Published 03/31/21
Zach Neumann explains how lawyers and law students can help tenants facing eviction during the pandemic.
Published 02/26/21
Angela Tripp shares insights into her rewarding work with the successful Michigan Legal Help Program.
Published 01/29/21
Jim St. Germain shares his experiences in the juvenile justice system and the critical role of mentors in his path to becoming a leader in his community.
Published 12/14/20
Attorney Natasha Fortune discusses her work at the Legal Aid Society of New York in the Juvenile Rights Practice and the cycles of racial injustice that affect her work with children of color.
Published 11/10/20
Attorney Robert Barnett sits down with host Meghan Steenburgh to discuss his storied career including his work with ten Presidential campaigns.
Published 09/28/20