Two Steps to Transcend Negative Thoughts and Feelings
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If you find yourself obsessing over things that could go wrong at any given moment, where you’re living in fear of worst-case scenarios, this episode is for you. Today, I’m sharing a transformative two-step method I’ve personally relied on whenever I find myself bogged down by those pesky, pessimistic thoughts that cause me stress and keep me up at night. But this isn’t just about managing stress or pushing away negative thoughts. It’s about rewriting your internal narrative. You’ll learn how to face the negativities head-on, but with an open mind and heart. By the end, you’ll be able to replace that narrative with one rooted in love, abundance, and an empowering “I’ve got this!” mindset.   KEY TAKEAWAYS Running away from your negative feelings only makes them stronger. The morning protocol that primes you to take on the day. Name the darkness, and you steal its power. The power of writing down what’s eating you inside. Ditch the victim mentality - for your sake and for those around you. Faith over fear - always. Get The Full Show Notes To get full access to today's show notes, including audio, transcript, and links to all the resources mentioned, visit Subscribe, Rate & Review I would love if you could subscribe to the podcast and leave an honest rating & review. This will encourage other people to listen and allow us to grow as a community. The bigger we get as a community, the bigger the impact we can have on the world. To subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes, visit Connect with Hal Elrod Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube   Copyright © 2023 Miracle Morning, LP and International Literary Properties LLC
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