The Uber IPO
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Welcome to the big one. On the day of its IPO, we tell the story of Uber. It’s a story whose roots stretch back 130 years, but whose impact reverberates perhaps more powerfully on our current world than any other. A story that, in all of its greatness and in all of its ugliness, may just be the story of our time.
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We’re joined by former Caviar executive Nick Adler for a quick-take on the big news last week in the battle for US food delivery supremacy, DoorDash’s acquisition of Caviar (which was previously owned by Square). With Uber and Lyft newly public and transportation relatively settled (for the...
Published 08/12/19
Ben and David head north of the border to Ottawa, Canada to cover perhaps one of the greatest IPO success stories of the past 5 years, Shopify. From humble beginnings as a “lifestyle business” hawking hipster snowboard gear online to now routinely mentioned in the same breath as Amazon, the tale...
Published 08/06/19
From backwater PBX importer to world’s 2nd largest smartphone producer + 5G leader, Huawei’s spectacular ascent is rivaled only by its spectacular recent events. What’s the story behind this telecom giant, and what does its future portend for global tech? We dive in.
Published 07/22/19