Superhuman (with CEO Rahul Vohra)
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Why people are paying $30 (and investing $33m!) for faster email
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On this episode of the Limited Partner bonus show, we are joined by Chetan Puttagunta, General Partner on Benchmark, talking his investment philosophies, enterprise technology trends, and the uniqueness of Benchmark. This episode is a preview of the hour-long LP-only show.
Published 11/11/19
You’ve seen the news. We give WeWork the full Acquired treatment in all its tragic glory, joined by very special guest Dan Primack of Axios. Where did it all go wrong? Why is SoftBank buying 80% of the company? Where does “We” go from here? Tune in.
Published 10/25/19
We’re joined by the legendary Nolan Bushnell, founder not only of Atari, but also the only person ever to hire Steve Jobs, the recipient of Sequoia Capital’s first-ever investment, and the creator of Chuck E. Cheese, the canonical GPS navigation arrow, and a little project that would go on to...
Published 10/15/19