Superhuman (with CEO Rahul Vohra)
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Why people are paying $30 (and investing $33m!) for faster email
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From backwater PBX importer to world’s 2nd largest smartphone producer + 5G leader, Huawei’s spectacular ascent is rivaled only by its spectacular recent events. What’s the story behind this telecom giant, and what does its future portend for global tech? We dive in.
Published 07/22/19
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an... enterprise software company? We give the full Acquired treatment to newly-public Slack, one of the most extreme and successful pivots of all-time. From a log cabin in Canada to a never-ending game and back again, Slack’s journey has more twists and turns than...
Published 06/25/19
Zoom board member (and general partner at Emergence Capital) Santi Subotovsky joins us to tell the true underdog story behind the hottest IPO of 2019. Together we trace founder Eric Yuan’s incredible journey from immigrant software developer, who didn't speak any English upon arriving in Silicon...
Published 06/19/19