Gals Chat With Lindsey Rem !! 7 Years on Youtube, Love Languages, Religion, Coping with Quarantine and more!
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This week, we have a very special guest on the podcast... Lindsey Rem!! She's the most wholesome Youtube queen who has been creating lifestyle content since before it was cool (7 years!!) We chat about everythingg, from quarantine to her new puppy, and her relationship with her boyfriend Danny! Lindsey also shares the funniest Instagram account ever: "If your boobs were a song they would be Yesterday by the Beatles". We touch on Lindsey's relationship with religion and spirituality, her love languages and so much more! This convo was so fun and she is truly such a gem in this world, I hope you guys enjoy! Find Lindsey here: YT: If you liked this podcast, please share it with a friend and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts: Follow our Instagram so you don't miss out on the chance to submit stories for future episodes: Find Rohini on Instagram here:
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