Gals Chat with Sophia Rose aka @wellnesswithsoph !! Life after a breakup, finding yourself, spirituality, manifestation and more!
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This week, the beautiful and ever so inspiring Sophia Rose comes on the podcast! Sophia shares her life growing up in LA, her recent breakup and how it feels to live alone for the first time, how she calls in and manifests money, and how she got started creating delicious and healthy recipes!
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Tasha Franken, the pilates queen and professional model joins us this week to talk all about her journey with fitness, nutrition, and finding what works for her! She emphasizes how each person is such a unique individual, and their health routines should reflect that individuality.
Published 01/20/21
Have you been seeing repeating numbers and sequences everywhere you look? Lucky you! You have been seeing angel numbers, and we're going to cover what the heck they mean- and how to tap into the guidance they bring.
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This week, the love of my life and absolute best friend in the entire world Katherine aka KAF comes back on the podcast! Katherine just got out of an 8+ year relationship and is finding out who she is as an individual, and what she wants for herself!
Published 12/09/20