ATM Boy - Part 1
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A bank error offers you a multi-million dollar fantasy lifestyle. And the bank and the police aren't chasing you. What would you do? In 2011, a portal to illicit riches opened for a country barman. It was an easy way to rob a bank, almost a victimless crime. Or so he thought, until he pondered the question of conscience. Part One. A barman-turned-bank robber contacts Adam as he tries to understand why no-one is chasing him. He has found a hole in the ATM network of a bank and has morphed into a big spending high roller but ATM Boy wants his old life back.
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Real crime investigator Adam Shand reports on findings that occurred in 2006, when a 32-year old Fijian-born Mosese Cava cut ties with his family without explanation. In March 2020, police began searching for the one-time DJ and made an unexpected and remarkable discovery. Senior Constable...
Published 09/14/21
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Published 09/14/21