Meth Destruction - Part 2
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Methamphetamine, commonly known as ice, is a scourge facing Australians of all ages and walks of life. It’s highly addictive and readily available and it’s become the most commonly consumed illicit drug in Australia. Adam tells the story of Tom de Souza and his journey from middle class scholarship boy in Perth to chronic ice user and budding criminal. Adam learns how Tom came back from the brink to beat ice and rediscover his joy of life. This is a harrowing story that should resonate with every family but it also offers a message of hope that ice can be defeated.  Part 2 - Struggling to cope with their son’s downward spiral, Tom’s parents’ marriage disintegrates. Tom falls into the seedy sub-culture of drugs where he turns to crime to feed his drug habit. He becomes estranged from his family and sees no future in life. He finds a place on the fringe of society with other misfits and losers where he is not judged. As jail or death beckons, Tom finds the strength to deal with his demons and . Luckily for Tom, his family never gives up on him and they find the strength to help Tom turn his life around.
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