Busting Coffee Myths: Round Two!
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We surveyed you. You asked us for myth-busting (again). So myth-busting you shall get! But, this time, we are not just busting up confusing coffee conundrums; we are introducing a framework (“Ah-Key!”) that will help you bust coffee myths (and all the other misinformation that you will encounter). Now, let’s get to kicking the nuts of those misleading myths. Did you perhaps have too many bevvies last Friday? Did someone offer you coffee to sober you up? If so, you may have indulged in a myth! Jools brings back friend-of-the-show research scientist and professor Dr. Danielle Gulick to share what she found from studying the effects of alcohol and caffeine. Ever spotted the coffee beans on the perfume counters at your favorite department store? Supposedly, sniffing them will clear your nasal palate. But is that true? Luckily, Scott has a new hobby: making perfume (bet you it smells like coffee). So he chatted with his perfumery professor, Sarah McCartney the founder of perfumery 4160Tuesdays. Finally, since putting out The Lie of Direct Trade episode, we have known that commodity coffee doesn’t always help farmers make the most money. So, does that mean that specialty coffee helps farmers make more money? James speaks to former barista now coffee roaster Tim Wendelboe to clarify some deep misconceptions. Ready to demolish some deviously deceiving coffee mythos? Press play and enjoy the episode! “Ah-Key!” — Join our Patreon to support the show! https://bit.ly/3vrispx Enjoy the legendary experience of a Moccamaster Coffee Brewers: https://bit.ly/3ANRBqQ Indulge in a beautiful vintage Moccamaster: https://bit.ly/3BpIYEC Become your own barista with Rocket Espresso: https://bit.ly/3RiBXeh Live in the UK? Check out the Coffee Shop Innovation Expo, taking on the 19th and 20th October 2022: https://bit.ly/3yMba38 Tickets are completely FREE. Find the roasters who are trying to do right by the farmer on the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide: https://bit.ly/3ItiFPB Learn more about Tim Wendelboe espresso bar, roastery and coffee training centre: https://bit.ly/3KMmjVQ Learn more about 4160Tuesdays: https://bit.ly/3TIBG5R Follow our wonderful guests on LinkedIn! Danielle Gulick (Assistant Professor at University of South Florida): https://bit.ly/3K3Xpzh Sarah McCartney (Perfumer): https://bit.ly/3qaXLfE Take a screenshot and tell your friends about Adventures in Coffee! Tag our Instagram handles: James Harper / Filter Stories: https://bit.ly/2Mlkk0O Jools Walker / Lady Velo: http://bit.ly/39VRGew Scott Bentley / Caffeine Magazine: https://bit.ly/3oijQ91
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