Robots inspired by nature
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Dr Mirko Kovac will show visitors at the Imperial Festival how animals are teaching engineers to make robots that can move across outdoor terrains. (Extract 2 of 4 from the Imperial College Podcast 1 May 2013)
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Dr Mirko Kovac discusses a new laboratory being planned at Imperial for studying flying and swimming robots. (Extract 4 of 4 from the Imperial College Podcast 12 November 2014)
Published 11/11/14
Dr. Finn Giuliani explores how new understanding of material properties at a tiny scale could lead to a radical transformation in the way we make use of their mechanical properties for architecture, aviation and other industries.
Published 05/21/14
Dr Varnavas Serghides on how Imperial's flight simulator can help to build a better aeroplane.
Published 02/25/11