WÄngl Teaser 2011: check out the action at the wangle tangle 2011!
Published 03/20/11
WÄngl Teaser 2011: It´s time again for a great event! Snowboarding, skateboarding, art and music you name it we gat it all!
Published 02/15/11
Transition JÄm 2011: Teamskater Oliver Gordon organized his Contest again! Check out some great skate action with good music from Sempre Caoz.
Published 02/15/11
Chile # 3: Check out the boy´s hitting some backcountry jumps, visiting ValParaiso and watching a bigwave session!
Published 01/19/11
Chile # 1: Check out the boy´s surfing in santiago and shredding the contest!
Published 01/08/11
Chile # 1: Check out the boy´s arriving in chile with some first riding impressions!
Published 01/08/11
The 8th Show: Some more great shots of the season 2009/2010! enjoy
Published 12/28/10
The 7th Show: Check out the boys shredding last spring!
Published 12/10/10
The 6th Show: Check out the boys shredding Flachau Winkl! enjoy..
Published 12/01/10
The 5th Show: A little Travel Report about, Japan, Chile and Alaska! Enjoy!
Published 11/22/10
The 4th Show: Check out the Boys shredding in Zell am Ziller! Enjoy!
Published 11/12/10
The 3rd Show: Check out the Boys on the Arlberg! Enjoy!
Published 11/03/10
The 2nd Show: Check out the Crew shredding in Salzburg! Enjoy"
Published 10/26/10
The 1st Show: Soul and Progression! Snowboarding "Ästhetiker Style" and some Äsmo riding by Wolle Nyvelt
Published 10/14/10
Check out Steve and Mone shredding on the 23rd of June in Hintertux! Summer Snowboarding! enjoy!
Published 05/30/10
Check out the Young Guns Flo Heim and Alex Walch with our Tell Ä Vision Filmer Julian Pintarelli at the Jibvid contest!
Published 05/20/10
Mone went to Ischgl with the Young Guns to take part at the World Rookie Festival 2010!
Published 05/10/10
Check out the Völkl Trip to Japan + some B footage from this Season 2010! Enjoy
Published 05/02/10
Check out some impressions from Kamp K2! Enjoy
Published 04/23/10
The LÄtest s**t #3: Check out the Boys shredding in Flachau + a Trip to Russia with CK and Stani! Enjoy
Published 04/15/10
Wängl Tängl 2010 Highligh Show
Published 04/05/10
Austrian Masters "Shreddown 2010": check out the Tell Ä Vision crew on the contest mission!
Published 03/24/10
WÄngl TÄngl 2010: check out ä interview with the designer of the Gruba Libre 2010/11 + a full report of the contest!
Published 03/15/10
WÄngl TÄngl 2010: Training DÄy and some impressions from the GÄme of SkÄte
Published 03/12/10
The LÄtest s**t #3: This time Flo Heim with Steve on the mountain, Werni Stock recovering from his Slam and Anne-Flore Marxer in Arlberg! Enjoy
Published 03/04/10