Ep 151 Livestock Panels: Not Just For Cattle Anymore
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In this week's episode, we sit down with four breed organization members. We have representatives from the World Heritage Yak Conservancy, American Boer Goat Association, Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry, and American Milking Devon Cattle Association to discuss genetics, small farms, and what makes their livestock breeds so unique. Links: https://www.heritageyak.com https://www.ctlr.org https://www.abga.org https://www.milkingdevons.org https://livestockconservancy.org Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/agriCulturePodcast)
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Have you ever seen one of those commercials for an all-American heavy-duty truck, with an all-American cowboy or farmer?  They’re usually off-loading dirty-but-not-too-dirty hay into a field, parked on a majestic mesa, with the sun shining about. There’s not a lot of sweat, and perfectly-placed...
Published 05/19/22
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Every once in a great while you meet people who are just plain special. The Hostetler Family and the company they run, Mountain Meadow Wool, is a true family affair. Now, we aren't talking of just the related kind, but the Hostetler's run their business and treat everyone who works for them as...
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