Google Then Launcher - Pixel Power-off Finder, auto-archive apps, SwiftKey with Bing chatbot
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Google is working on 'Find My Device' feature even when phone is turned off. Google Will Require Android Developers to Make It Easier to Delete Your Account Data. Google Play announces that it will require developers to provide a way for users to delete their accounts/data. Android devices can now automatically archive little-used apps. Reduce uninstalls for your app with auto-archive. @MishaalRahman: Uhhh, Google Pay seems just to be randomly giving users free money right now. @MishaalRahman: Google is finally rolling out the ""app streaming"" feature they first announced at CES 2022! Google is No Longer Supporting These Five-Year-Old Devices. Google to prohibit personal loan apps from accessing user photos, and contacts. Microsoft brings its Bing chatbot to your fingertips with SwiftKey on Android. The Google Now Launcher is fully shutting down ten years later. JR's tip of the week: YouTube Android tip power-round. Samsung Galaxy S10+ got its last update. What now? A Pixel Watch vacation experience. Green bubble life for school-aged kids. Read our show notes here: Hosts: Jason Howell and Ron Richards Co-Hosts: Mishaal Rahman and JR Raphael Subscribe to All About Android at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at Sponsors: promo code TWIT
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Published 06/21/23
Published 06/21/23
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