New Year, Same Problems
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Happy New Years. In the first podcast of the year Daniel is joined with Chris and pitch hitting for Johnny is Michael Browne from Big League Chewing Podcast. We talk about the off season so far with the Angels. We look at the possible trade targets of the Angels and what who they could sign on the market.
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Daniel is joined by one of the co-host of the Locked On Astros podcast Brett Chauncey. They talk about what clicked for the Astros during the 2020 playoffs. They also talk about what the Astros could be this season. Daniel also wanted to give a special thank you to everyone that reached out after...
Published 03/02/21
Daniel and Chris talk about how they think the Oakland A's will do this season. Chris comes with a brand new Curator Chronicles. They talk about the Albert maybe retirement announcement and catch you up on events at Spring Training.
Published 02/26/21
Daniel talks wit's Martin Gallegos. Martin is the Oakland A's beat writer with and is here to all about Oakland. They talk about the 2020 season and break down the off season moves by the A's. At the end they talk about some of the strengths of the A's and where their farm system...
Published 02/24/21