5-10% Weight Loss Is Good For Your Health & Other BS With Ragen Chastain
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"Just 5-10% of weight loss is all you need to improve your health" is one of those things that "everyone knows", only - it's complete and utter BS. My guest this week is the fierce and fabulous Ragen Chastain, fat activist, speaker, prolific writer, dancer, and marathon runner, and she's had a GUTFUL of health professionals hiding their fatphobia under a condescending veneer of 'health concern'. Do NOT MISS this inspiring conversation - Ragen's mind is like a razor-sharp encyclopaedia of ANTI-DIET PUSHBACK!
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Like flies at a picnic, weight loss app Noom's relentless advertising is crawling all over our online spaces. AND they're SHAMELESSLY co-opting our powerful anti-diet movement! AND they're claiming that 'psychology' is the key to 'long term weight loss!' AND they're selling a particularly s****y...
Published 02/20/22
Published 02/20/22
In diet culture it's hard for most of us to feel comfortable in our bodies, let alone LIKE them. But what if it's possible to burst through this thin-ideal bubble and experience the joy, the light, the MAGIC of our bodies? My guest this week, artist and speaker Kathryn Max, has done just that,...
Published 12/17/21