Noom With Dr Alexis Conason
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Like flies at a picnic, weight loss app Noom's relentless advertising is crawling all over our online spaces. AND they're SHAMELESSLY co-opting our powerful anti-diet movement! AND they're claiming that 'psychology' is the key to 'long term weight loss!' AND they're selling a particularly s****y diet! AND they're targeting vulnerable people including those with eating disorders! HOW VERY DARE THEY! I'm so incandescent with fury that I've coined a new term: NOOM-RAGE!! Join me on the latest ep of the All Fired Up podcast with my equally outraged guest Dr Alexis Conason @theantidietplan. She is also EXTREMELY NOT HAPPY. Grab a stiff drink (or a nice cuppatea) & gird your loins as we EVISCERATE this DISGUSTING company in a rip-snorter of an episode! Did someone say class action lawsuit??
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Big pharma are running a MASSIVE global marketing campaign, trying to convince us that weight loss drugs are A Good Idea. I'm looking at you, Novo Nordisk! Join me and my extremely outraged guests Dr Fiona Willer & Ragen Chastain, as we revisit the dastardly history of weight loss...
Published 11/29/22
Published 11/29/22
"Just 5-10% of weight loss is all you need to improve your health" is one of those things that "everyone knows", only - it's complete and utter BS. My guest this week is the fierce and fabulous Ragen Chastain, fat activist, speaker, prolific writer, dancer, and marathon runner, and she's had a...
Published 01/17/22