Weight Loss Drugs Part One
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Big pharma are running a MASSIVE global marketing campaign, trying to convince us that weight loss drugs are A Good Idea. I'm looking at you, Novo Nordisk! Join me and my extremely outraged guests Dr Fiona Willer & Ragen Chastain, as we revisit the dastardly history of weight loss medications. Past experience has brutally demonstrated that far from improving human 'health', these drugs have proven to be (spectacularly profitable) human disasters - most of them have been removed from the market for harming or killing people. Big pharma cares about profits, not lives. Have we learned anything from the sins of the past? Frighteningly, it seems like history is about to repeat. Don't believe the hype - do not miss this two part deep dive into the devious and deadly world of weight loss drugs! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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Part 2 of our series on weight loss drugs takes us deep into the inner workings of Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, who are hell bent on world domination of the lucrative "o*e$ity market". For years, the entire field of medicine has been professionally fluffed by Novo's "training...
Published 01/05/23
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Like flies at a picnic, weight loss app Noom's relentless advertising is crawling all over our online spaces. AND they're SHAMELESSLY co-opting our powerful anti-diet movement! AND they're claiming that 'psychology' is the key to 'long term weight loss!' AND they're selling a particularly s****y...
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