Republicans try to rewrite history during Capitol riot hearing
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Tonight: Just how far is Liz Cheney will to go to stop Donald Trump? Then, former Trump officials finally face tough questions over the January 6th attack—and what we learned about the President's order for the military to protect his mob. Plus, how one state's vaccination drive just became a lottery Guests: Sam Seder, Mickey Edwards, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep. Ro Khanna, Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto, Sec. Miguel Cardona
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Tonight: The urgent need to hold all the former president's men accountable after Trump's DOJ was caught spying on political opponents. Then, as Merrick Garland vows to defend voting rights, is his Justice Department future-proofing the presidency? And what we know about the conspiracy charges...
Published 06/12/21
Tonight: Behind the scaremongering over labor shortages and inflation—and how American workers are gaining power. Then, the mad spinning over what we actually know about the police tear gassing of peaceful protestors before Trump's photo op. Plus, as talks continues, why any infrastructure bill...
Published 06/11/21
Tonight: How the Republican Party is dusting off a one hundred and fifty year old playbook to keep American history buried and maintain power. Then, Montana Senator John Tester on the filibuster, Joe Manchin, and the Biden agenda. Plus, Sandra Garza, the partner of fallen Capitol police officer...
Published 06/10/21