Leaked video shows right-wing group bragging about drafting GOP anti-voter bills
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Tonight: how the MAGA crowd is running your 2021 Republican Party. Then, new reporting on the right-wing group coordinating the state by state effort to rollback democracy. Plus, the activist sting to try and trap FBI and Trump administration officials trashing the 45th president. And the latest on the nightmare in Gaza and Tel Aviv. Guests: Jacqueline Alemany, Carlos Curbelo, Ari Berman, Harry Litman, Rula Jebreal, Lisa Goldman
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Tonight: How Obamacare survived the latest Republican attempt to deny healthcare to America. Then, the compromise by Joe Manchin on voter protections that is already a no-go with Republican senators. And history is made in the White House with the first new federal holiday in nearly 40 years....
Published 06/18/21
Tonight: What we know about what came out of the Biden, Putin summit—and the Russian autocrats audition for Trump TV. Then, the reporter who broke the bombshell about Trump's money man. Plus, as Juneteenth becomes a national holiday, why talking about the date may be illegal in some states. And...
Published 06/17/21