‘Propogandists’: Hayes rips right-wing media’s Jan. 6 conspiracy theories
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Tonight: What we know about what came out of the Biden, Putin summit—and the Russian autocrats audition for Trump TV. Then, the reporter who broke the bombshell about Trump's money man. Plus, as Juneteenth becomes a national holiday, why talking about the date may be illegal in some states. And Andy Slavitt on his departure from the White House, the mess he inherited, and new concerns about a pandemic that's still very active in pockets of the country. Guests: Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Mehdi Hasan, Glen Johnson, William Rashbaum, Andy Slavitt
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Tonight: How the slow motion insurrection in Arizona is laying the groundwork to steal the next election. Then, as the anti-vaxx death toll climbs, the president takes on the governors of Florida and Texas. Plus - Rebecca Traister on the Cuomo investigation and the calls for him to resign. And...
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Tonight: The nationwide rise in Covid cases continues—and so does the Red State race to the bottom. Then, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on a genuine vaccine surge across America. Plus, the New Yorker's Jane Mayer on the dark money funding the Big Lie. And why is this Congresswoman about to...
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Tonight: Shocking new details of Trump's push to overturn his election loss—and what we know about the people helping him. Then, why the Justice Department is suddenly saying Donald Trump's tax returns must be handed to Congress. Plus, the alarming new CDC data driving the latest mask guidance...
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