There is beauty in introspection and in extending grace to ourselves as we acknowledge and deal with our internal red flags. This is what our hosts Christina and Rhianna concluded in this week's episode as they unpacked the issue of red flags in the way that only these two know how. 
Published 05/04/21
Christina and Rhiana are back after taking a two-week hiatus to recharge. In this episode, the two take some time to share how they've been experiencing the world around them and the role that 'surrendering' has played in them processing current events. 
Published 04/12/21
In our second episode, Christina and Rhianna unpack the subject of communication. The duo discusses their personal struggles (and strengths) as it relates to communication and how they went about becoming better communicators. They debunk the assumption that a 'bad' communicator refers to someone who does not speak enough and consider those instances where 'over-communicating' could equate to 'bad' communication as well.
Published 03/22/21
Published 03/16/21
Season One. Episode One. In this episode, you get to meet our co-hosts, Christina and Rhianna. The duo gets a bit personal. Giving us a glimpse into their mental health journeys and the impact that the Corona Virus Pandemic and other factors (like online schooling) have had on them. They also discuss the concept of balance and how the incorporation of it into our daily lives gives way to more mental ease. All Things Considered, is a podcast where we consider everything about anything. The...
Published 03/16/21