The crew is back as Xandarr, Jessica, and Hasteur talk about Restaurant Dining, Italian Tips, and Secret Chef @SherYarde
Published 10/23/13
The entire crew is back as Xandarr, Anna, Jessica, and Hasteur talk about Technical Difficulties, Bacon, and @ChefJRivas
Published 10/19/13
Jessica and Hasteur talk about Bacon, New Restaurants, and the Mother Hubbard Challenge.
Published 10/12/13
Xandar, Jessica, and Hasteur talk about Peanuts for Health, Movie Food and Potato Chips
Published 10/06/13
Xandar and Jessica talk about tattoos, foodie, and the Tardis!
Published 08/22/13
Xandar, Anna, and Jessica welcome Chef Amanda Freitag of Chopped, Unique Eats, and Iron Chef America. Then we will catch up on the last few months, discuss life in a restuarant, and gluten free eats!
Published 08/16/13
Anna and Hasteur welcome Chef Tom Woodbury of "Good Things Utah", iCookbook's "The Better Chef", and Cook With Tom.com discussing the finer points of cooking, ingredients, techniques, and education.
Published 03/26/13
Anna and Jessica take a member of the ATE community, Hasteur of the Group Quest and Fel-tron podcasts, on a strange trip with discussions of the various challenges of bachelor cooking and alternative ingredients.
Published 03/24/13
Anna and Jessica take the reins as Xandarr steps away temporarily. The girls talk about Soup Bowls, their wedding food, and random thoughts.
Published 03/17/13
Anna, Jessica and Xandarr are joined by AcuZod, a friend of the show and awesome cohost of the gaming community podcast, AIE Podcast.
Published 03/05/13
In this episode of All Things Edible, Xandarr and Jessica are joined by the amazing aphrodesiac specialist, Amy Reiley..
Published 02/13/13
In this episode of All Things Edible, Xandarr introduces to the show our third seat, our new hostess Jessica! We also welcome as our guest Chef, the amazingly healthy and fit Katy Clark as she prepares for a marathon.
Published 01/31/13
Episode 52 Xandarr flies solo with the notable "writer trapped in a cook's body," Chef John Malik.
Published 01/26/13
Episode 51 only keeps the momentum of 2013 going with interviewing Food Network's "Toughest Critic," Simon Majumdar.
Published 01/18/13
In this episode we are joined by the Executive Chef at Swallow Restaurant in Huntington NY, restaurant consultant and aspiring book author... Chef Tony Kang!
Published 01/10/13
Xandarr and Anna have the pleasure of speaking with the amazing Gale Gand in this episode of All Things Edible.
Published 12/12/12
Xandarr and Anna talk about Holiday Traditions, Mashed Potatoes and much much more on this special food edition of All Things Edible.
Published 12/11/12
Xandarr is once again on his own, however Reddcap lingers in the same room as Xandarr speaks to a guest that Reddcap has been anxious to hear from, Amy Reiley.
Published 11/20/12
Xandarr is flying solo as Anna is fighting an unknown illness. Hopefully her health will improve to be with us next week.
Published 11/17/12
Xandarr and Anna are back after a small vacation away. We know, we know... you all missed us!
Published 11/16/12
Xandarr and Anna are back taking language lessons from the fantastic, Chef Serena Palumbo.
Published 10/24/12
Xandarr and Anna are back talking Steak, Route 66, life in a small town with Food Network Star Season 3 runner-up, Chef Rory Schepisi.
Published 10/04/12
Xandarr and Anna are back as we fly into the most awesome episode number... 42! with James Beard award winning chef, Michelle Bernstein!
Published 09/28/12
Xandarr is cruising with the ladies man, Joe, as his wingman in this episode. They have the privledge to speak with Chef Carla Pellegrino
Published 09/21/12
Xandarr explains the lack of a show, and lets you know about upcoming content
Published 09/13/12