James returns after 7 days - not all of them spent on the shout last week. Find out what happened and additionally advice on what you should ensure you have when you take to the water.
Published 05/28/21
Today I talk to James, a Coxswain at GAFIRS, the chat was cut a little short - take a listen and find out why. We chat about how tasking works, how to get involved and what the different roles are within the lifeboat station.
Published 05/21/21
The team, Jim, Lou & Joe update on re-starting after an almost 15 month halt to proceedings. What's happening? Not sure if they know ;-)
Published 05/13/21
Today I talk to Nic Parton from Triangle International Berth Brokers about berth brokerage. I had no idea you could own your berth in a marina and even rent it out, Nic tells me all about it. How did such berths came about, how many there are on the south coast, in the UK generally and in Europe and what the future holds.
Published 05/06/21
The Race of Your Life - ever seen the posters and thought about joining the Clipper Race? Jim speaks to four people that have taken part, hear about the highs and lows, the wonder and the hardship of being involved in the only amateur round the world yacht race.
Published 04/29/21
Published 04/29/21
In 2013 I agreed to go up to Scotland for 10 days to skipper the support boat for Sean Conway's swim from Lands End to John O'Groats. 10 days turned into 2 months and many memorable moments. I speak to Owain who was my first mate, the publicity man and the photographer for the trip,  who having visited the Isle of Eigg ended up moving there after the adventure. We recall some of the hairiest moments and the kindness of people along the way.
Published 04/15/21
James owns a 40ft Fairline Targa, Lou discusses the pros and cons of putting the boat into charter management. Does chartering de-value the boat, what does it take to code a boat, what income can be generated and much more. We digress on occasions - nothing new there ;-) 
Published 04/08/21
Ever wished you recorded all your trips and mileage but never got round to it or forgot at the time. Tom and Chris chat with Lou about their new app which does the whole lot for you at the touch of a button. Start the app at the beginning of your trip and it will record your mileage and your track. You can add crew members, pictures, additional log notes and even share with friends who do not need to have the app. There are some exciting further developments to be added ........
Published 04/01/21
Holly Manvell, the founder of Clean sailors discusses the environmental issues currently threatening our oceans and ways us sailors might help be part of the solution. More information can be found: https://cleansailors.com/ https://www.facebook.com/cleansailors/ https://www.instagram.com/cleansailors/
Published 03/25/21
You have heard from the examiner now to hear from the examined. Joe talks about his Yachtmaster exam, how to prepare, what tasks he was given and the ups and downs during the exam. A must listen for all those budding Yachtmaster candidates out there. Check out our Yachtmaster preparation weeks 
Published 03/18/21
Lou chats with 3 of the Nomad family who have taken part in more than one Fastnet Race. What were the highlights, the scariest moments and the most important piece of kit? Plus much more ....... 
Published 03/11/21
The team chat about their favourite places in The Solent, places to go which may be less busy than the usual and give a few tips on pilotage for the more complex entries. We also discuss our favourite places for refreshment once ashore and recommend taking a look at our Solent Cruising Guide.
Published 03/04/21
This week we talk to Becky Walford about her role as a Yachtmaster Examiner. Becky is one of the few female RYA YM examiners and she gives us a few hints at what she is looking for out of Coastal and Offshore candidates. Do I fail if I do a crash gybe or run aground? Listen in and find out.
Published 02/25/21
Jim, Joe and Lou have a chat about their favourite cruising areas, where they would love to go and why, in the end they decide to give it all up and go sailing !!! We would recommend the following publications when choosing or planning a sailing trip: The Clyde Cruising Club have numerous publications which are great if you are planning a Scottish adventure Shell Channel Pilot - Tom Cunliffe Greek Waters Pilot - Rod & Lucinda Heikell Turkish Waters and Cyprus Pilot - Rod &...
Published 02/18/21
We have a chat with Becky Walford, the Port Safety Officer Assistant for The Queen's Harbour Master in Portsmouth. We learn about the 20,000 items that were found during the dredging operation in preparation for the arrival of the aircraft carriers. The 55 square miles covered by QHM in the Solent, the various roles at QHM and that the people that work there are human - who knew 😉 
Published 02/10/21
This week we have a chat with Sam who is a Boat Broker for Boatshed.com and ask her amongst other things "do we really need a boat broker?"
Published 02/05/21
Lou & Joe chat about the role of an Operations Manager at Nomad Sailing and touch on the last 12 months and what effect this has had on the business. Lou's love affair with the Handy Billy continues......
Published 02/05/21
Jim, Lou and Joe discuss why they sail, what got them started and what they enjoy the most about sailing.
Published 02/05/21